Neptune, the spark of genius

Your soul or not-conscious mind exists and operates below the threshold of conscious awareness.  It resides on the astral plane and has a capacity to sense inner-plane conditions and tap inner-plane information and remember what it apprehends.

This unusual ability is known as extrasensory perception – ESP – and if it’s sufficiently active it can produce genius.

It’s chiefly mapped by Neptune in the birth chart and your personal potential to employ ESP and through its use direct skilful endeavor is determined by the prominence of Neptune in your chart.

Due to the nature of astral substance the astral planes are a storehouse of information and knowledge; and all genius, usually unaware of the process, is able to tune in, via extrasensory perception, to this knowledge and then electronically stream the unconsciously acquired information to the brain where it comes to the attention of objective consciousness.

So genius is the ability to contact knowledge on the higher planes and present it to less capable minds. 

It’s a mental activity that requires a biochemical condition in the human nervous system that supports ESP; and the capacity to develop this ability – consciously or unconsciously – is determined by the prominence of Neptune – the ESP planet – in the birth chart.

The human nervous system

The cells of the human nervous system fire electrical impulses; and the electricity they generate has a planet-specific positive or negative frequency.

The electricity generated by the Neptune nervous system, for example, operates on a negative phase; and the wavelengths being radiated are shorter and of a higher frequency than those generated by Uranus.

The Neptune nervous system is far more sensitive than the Uranus nervous system; and the negative-receptive higher frequency electrical potential it generates supports the special type of mental activity known as feelings ESP.

The Uranus electrical potential being positive and controlling supports intuition and intellectual ESP.

The Neptune nervous system

The Neptune electrical wavelengths are specifically adapted to sensing happenings on the inner-astral-plane; and the Neptune nervous system is specifically adapted to bringing up into the conscious awareness, through the electrical charges being generated, whatever is seen, heard, tasted, smelt or felt by the soul senses.

This means that whenever Neptune is a powerful influence in the birth chart the electrical wavelengths it imparts are suitable for sensing happenings on the inner-astral-plane.

They enable rapport with things having a most diverse vibratory rate; and facilitate the streaming of information gather by the soul on its astral travels to the region of conscious awareness.

These Neptune mental factors – the Neptune thought-cells – enable the soul to freely express what it feels and perceives through the chosen field of endeavor. 

They can see, hear, feel and comprehend things on the inner-astral-plane.

While the conscious attention is engaged in learning some subject or solving some problem the unconscious attention is actively seeking inner-plane information regarding the same matter.

When active the ESP faculty is able to pick up information from the inner-astral-planes which no other person has previously known; and the capacity to do this is the real source of genius.

Neptune, the spark of genius

Neptune marks for genius because it is the ESP planet and genius is the manifestation of extrasensory perception in a remarkable degree relative to a particular subject; yet many people with a dominant or prominent Neptune don’t display genius.

There are many grades, but real genius must have a prominent Neptune, Uranus and Pluto with all three planets or at least two having above average power.

Genius is a much overused word.  It usually displays itself in a single line of endeavor; operates in a human-life setting; is conditioned by experience; and is very often ignorant of financial, health and other practical daily-life matters.

In children genius is the result of accelerated (precocious) development and this situation requires a supportive electrochemical condition that’s primarily induced by the Neptune thought-cells.

Author: DW Sutton

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