Planets and personal values

The great Hermetic axiom – as above, so below – postulates that everything on Earth has its correspondence in the sky. It gave rise to the Law of Correspondences and the Doctrine of Signatures.

You have values and a set of values that determine how you view the world and how you live your life. As goals they motivate your conduct. They influence what you do, think and say and their astral signatures in the sky are the planets.

You have many values but your most important values define you as a person. They guide your decision making in regard to your career, religion, philosophy, social contacts and self-identity.

In 1992 Shalom H Schwartz published – Basic Human Values: An Overview – in which he presented 10 motivationally distinct types of values. It’s one of the most commonly used and tested transcultural theories in the field of behavioural research.   

1 Self-direction – defining goal: Independence of thought (Uranus)

2 Stimulation – defining goal: Excitement and adventure (Mars)

3 Hedonism – defining goal: Pleasure/sensuous satisfaction (Venus)

4 Achievement – defining goal: personal success (house 1)

5 Power – defining goal: control, dominance and social status (Sun)

6 Security – defining goal: safety and stability (Saturn)

7 Conformity – Defining goal: restraint of actions and impulses (Saturn)

8 Tradition – defining goal: respect and commitment to customs (Saturn)

9 Benevolence – defining goal: preservation of associates welfare (Jupiter)

10 Universalism – defining goal: understanding, appreciation, tolerance, and protection of the welfare of all people and for nature (Pluto)

Values are deep-seated guiding principles and the dominant/prominent planets in your birth chart denote a set of values that define who you are. You can classify the values related to your dominant planet as your core values and those related to you prominent planets as secondary values.

Planets and personal values

Sun values power, control, authority, influence, leadership, politics, strength of purpose, courage, achievement, recognition, fame, status, excellence, prestige, dignity, praise, self-esteem, self-respect, pride, approval, acceptance, consideration, humility, reliability,  awards, gold medals and titles.

Moon values family, home, family life, infants, those in need, care-giving, domestic chores, cooking, adaptability, plasticity, curiosity, diversity, variety, feelings, hunches, open mindedness, novelty, time, tune, rhythm, pop-culture, gossip and notoriety.

Mercury values intellectual activity, thinking, reading, learning, knowledge, facts, intelligence, ideas, writing, keeping notes, talking, communicating, problem solving, reasoned judgments, decision making, logic, good timing, punctuality and traveling.

Venus values love, companionship, friendship, giving and receiving affection, joy and happiness, socializing, social gatherings, hugs, kisses, fun, dancing, singing, love songs, poems, beauty, elegance, refinement, charm, grace, courtesy, civility, neatness, tidiness, dressing up, fashion, jewelry, art, artistry, artistic expression, relaxing, taking it easy, peace and harmony.

Mars values aggressive action, assertiveness, force, boldness, energetic effort, daring, challenges, enterprise, initiative, resilience, bravery, adventure, sex, hot August nights, creativity, taking risks, speculation, competition, contests, athleticism, fast action, wild excitement, winning, speed, physical fitness, tattoos, guns, knives, bombs, uniforms and medals.

Jupiter values benevolence, equality, impartiality, honesty, integrity, loyalty, transparency, generosity, philanthropy, wealth, abundance, prosperity, expansion, growth, selling, higher prices, professionalism, religion, morality, goodwill, tolerance, optimism, hope, faith, trust, joviality, charity, giving assistance and humor.

Saturn values security, safety, responsibility, hard work, orderliness, system, efficiency, routine, practicality, persistence, foresight, planning, stability, certainty, predictability, tradition, orthodoxy, conservatism, conformity, caution, patience, secrecy, stealth, self-discipline, common sense, buying, economy, thrift, bargains, lower prices, consumerism, conservation, wisdom and justice.

Uranus values liberty, freedom, originality, individuality, difference, radical action, change, reform, social progress, upside down thinking, independence, self-determination, autonomy, inventiveness, ingenuity, unconventionality, driving solo, informality, charisma, protests, demonstrations, discovery, exposure, revelations, shocks and surprises.

Neptune values idealism, utopianism, visionary schemes, promotion, perfection, dedication, commitment, compassion, empathy, sacrifice, drama, movies, escapist entertainment, Hollywood thinking, romance, melodrama, mystery, intrigue, fantasy, fiction, flights of fancy, imagination, magic, ecstasy, euphoria, bliss, dreams, promises and lazy living,

Pluto values groups, group activity, cooperation, teamwork, unity, merging together, joint ventures, coordination, division of labor, spirituality, community, volunteering, welfare work, humanitarianism, contributing to the common good, reconciliation, propaganda, persuasion and drastic action.

Your values are guiding principles. They define your goals. They indicate what’s important to you; and the planets in your birth chart with high astrodyne scores explain why you have the values you do.

Author: DW Sutton

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