Harsh and brutal Mars

With regular occurrence the print and electronic media report events that highlight the harsh and vicious side of human nature. The war in Ukraine and a brutal police bashing in America are stark reminders that humanity has an aggressive impulse that inclines towards death and destruction.

But there’s more to Mars than harshness, brutality and incomprehensible fury and destruction. There’s initiative, enterprise, construction, creation, resilience and bravery, so let’s talk about Mars.

Mars radiates an astral energy that is hot, hasty and combative. It manifests in human life as aggression, assertiveness, construction, destruction, conflict, warfare, violence, fights, disputes, harshness and cruelty. It likes to push other people around. It builds and destroys.

Every human has an aggressive urge and when aggression erupts it’s very difficult to control; and judging by the popularity of violent movies and video games there are many who have an insatiable appetite for fantasy violence, blood, vengeance, brutality, death and destruction. The real thing is condemned and considered unacceptable.

You live on a dangerous-insecure planet where countries maintain war machines built of military personnel and weapons and Mars is on full display in a conflict-war situation when an aggressive response to unlawful invasion is considered justified and acceptable.

Your aggressive urge

You’ve got an aggressive urge and Mars in your birth chart provides background data pertaining to your aggressive life experience.

Its sign location associates your aggressive urge with an attitude/motivation; its house location links its backstory with a department of life; its astrodyne power score measures its relative strength; and its harmony or discord score measures its functional status.

The house in your birth chart where Mars is located indicates the life-matters, activities and human associates directly involved with the development of your aggressive intelligence and ability.

The country where you were born has a Mars culture – customs, social mores, practices, situations and values – that will influence your life and living.

Mars is all about strife, conflict, competition, energized effort and fighting to survive and during your formative years your aggressive urge was humanized.

You were conditioned by your environment to express your aggressive urge in accordance with your gender and established social norms and customs.

At this critical time – in accordance with birth chart indicators – your aggressive urge acquired a human life trajectory. Only you know what happened.

The role it has played in your life education – whether major or minor – is measured by the relative strength of Mars in your birth chart. You’ve lived and learned and only you know what happened.

Unless it’s controlled your aggressive urge is going to get you into strife and your strife-life is all about conflict, disputation, speed, danger, accident, anger and physical and emotional scars.

Those who gravitate to the more obvious Mars occupations like the military, policing and fire fighting and those who engage in high-energy aggressive sports and those who live dangerous and risky lives will likely have a prominent Mars in their birth charts. And the environment in which they operate keeps their aggressive thought-cells highly stimulated increasing their tendency to experience a Mars event.

Know this about Mars

Mars is a discordant planet but it does have a constructive side but whatever is achieved, gained or won always involves strife and strenuous effort.

Dealing with emergency situations, taking the initiative, bouncing back, moving fast and racing against the clock call on huge amounts of energy.

Your progressed chart provides a personal future-forecast and knowledge of what’s coming up allows you to develop a strategy for dealing with your new travel conditions.

When Mars is active by progression strife, haste and energized effort are set to occur. Depending on birth chart indicators a Mars progression can signal a red alert.

Your aggressive thought-cells are stimulated and they’re going to make their presence felt. You’re going to feel less submissive and more combative. Discord and disagreement are sure to arise. Speed can result in accidents. You need to take your foot of the accelerator and slow down.

Strife, trouble and emotional storms will flare and your blood will boil. You’re angry – hot under the collar – and you’ll say and do things that harm and hurt. Before it’s too late you might consider fleeing the danger-zone and seek shelter in a safe haven.

Unless controlled the new burst of aggressive energy can see mishap and misadventure. Haste can have you moving too fast and spinning out of control. You should minimize the risk and avoid hazards till the storm passes.

Apply a caring Moon antidote

If your hot-excitable Mars thoughts are inclined to get you into strife you should consider applying a moist-calming Moon antidote.

Moisture plays an important role in the growth process. A seedling needs moisture to grow into a sturdy plant; and sympathetic-caring Moon thoughts play the same nurturing role in human life that moisture plays in plant life.

Moon thinking is soothing and nurturing. It nurtures the young child and sympathetically cares for those who are less well off, in distress, defenseless or elderly. And feelings of concern for those suffering misfortune and hardship can bring tears to your eyes.

Your caring Moon thoughts support your personal growth and development in exactly the same way that water supports the growth and development of a young seedling. And when your aggressive Mars thoughts are expressing destructively you can apply your energy to building something or contributing to the welfare of someone who is less well-off and ensure that your aggressive energy achieves something that spells worthwhile personal development.

Author: DW Sutton

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