The upper-octave planets

The octave expression of a planet refers to its vibrational frequency and in Hermetic astrology Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are identified as upper-octave planets.

That’s because Uranus seems to be a higher expression of Mercury attributes; Neptune a higher expression of Venus attributes; and Pluto a higher expression of the Moon attributes.

In each instance the higher grade of thinking and behavior represents the upper-octave mode of expression.

Uranus is the upper-octave expression of Mercury

Uranus has a higher vibrational frequency than Mercury and when you reach the limits of reasoned-based analysis and grinding mental work your intellectual thought processes (Mercury) elevate to intuitive intelligence and transcend to the mental realm of intuition, inspiration and original thinking. 

Mercury and Uranus are intellectual planets and Uranus stimulates mental expression characteristic of Mercury in a greater degree of intensity called intuition.

Intuition is a reasoning – problem solving – process that’s carried out by the astral brain.

After gathering and integrating all that you know or have heard about a particular matter you unconsciously evaluate and assess the data and instantaneously assess correctly what is not immediately obvious and intuitively conclude that such and such will happen or will prove to be true.

Intuitive intelligence or awareness is the ability to know what to do without reasoned analysis. It’s known as the sixth sense and is often superior to deductive reasoning and critical analysis. With training it gets it right more often than reasoned thought.

But in an age that admires and glorifies scientific rational thinking intuition has acquired a dubious reputation and many great thinkers claim it is a primitive, inferior type of intelligence. They conveniently ignore all the errors that their faulty reasoning has made and continues to make.

And as you navigate daily life relying on your reasoning powers and factual evidence it’s highly likely that you have become less and less reliant on your intuitive faculties. Maybe you have allowed them to atrophy.

But objective thinking (Mercury) only gets a limited one-sided perspective of whatever matter is under consideration – it cannot see the whole picture. It misses the side that can only be apprehended by intuition (Uranus).

Neptune is the upper-octave expression of Venus

Venus and Neptune are social planets.

Neptune has a higher vibrational frequency than Venus and when the limits of affection and physical love (Venus) have been reached you’ll transcend to the emotional realm of ecstasy, empathy and rapport. 

Your social urges (Venus) can express in a friendly, pleasing manner as you take an interest in the comfort and pleasure of others. Such behavior conduces to the success of your social-love life, but Venus is easily defiled and contaminated. 

Many people as they socialize express uncouth social behavior – telling crude jokes, making wise-cracks and engaging in familiar repartee.

When Neptune steps in and Venus expresses on its octave expression there is no interest in bad-mannered, uncultivated social behavior. Your social urge will express the same solicitude but is more impersonal and idealistic. Your social behavior becomes more utopian in its expression.

Venus lends beauty and harmony to the expression of art but Neptune, its higher octave, injects drama and deeper feeling. Neptune gives an appeal to the finer and more intricate emotions, which are important for cultural music.  Maybe you appreciate classical, symphonic music.

And while Venus and Neptune seek social companionship Neptune due to its extreme sensitivity to coarseness and crudity can cause some people to withdraw from having social contact with others.

Pluto is the upper-octave expression of the Moon

The Moon is a vital planet and Pluto is a social planet.

Pluto has a higher vibrational frequency than the Moon and when the limits of caring for the welfare of home and family (Moon) have been reached you’ll transcend to the realm of contributing to the welfare of all living things. 

Your domestic urge (Moon) can express in a caring, sympathetic manner as you take an interest in the comfort of children and those who are less fortunate. Such behavior conduces to the success of your domestic-family life, but the Moon is easily sullied and degraded.

Many people express an uncultivated Moon – selfishly interfering in the lives of loved ones, not sympathetically caring, and gossiping.

When Pluto steps in and the Moon expresses on its octave expression there is little interest in caring for family members and a home. The domestic urge expresses the same care and sympathy but is more impersonal, universal and altruistic. The domestic behavior becomes more spiritual (Pluto) in its concern for universal society.

In regard to group activity and receptiveness Pluto is clearly the upper-octave expression of the Moon but it is not a vital planet.

The upper-octave planets and you

Your thoughts and feelings gradually evolve through experience and only you know your tendency to engage in uncultivated social behavior and narrow-minded intolerance; or if you tend towards refinement and elevated, progressive thinking and behavior.  

Birth chart knowledge is all about you. If Uranus, Neptune or Pluto is prominent your nervous system will have a high-degree of sensitivity and you’ll tend towards liberal tendencies. Their prominence indicates a personal tendency for your mind to naturally express a higher quality of thinking that is progressive, tolerant and inclusive.

Your character development is all about the refinement and elevation of your thoughts, feelings and actions and birth chart knowledge pertaining to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – the upper-octave planets – reveals a personal tendency. 

It’s another reason why you’re the only person who can reliably assess your own mind and character as indicated by your personal me-map.

Author: DW Sutton

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