The Age of Aquarius in 2020

The world population clock estimates that at midnight on December 31, 2019 there were 7,754,244,831 actors on the world stage.

It estimates that during 2020 there will be 350,000 new arrivals each day and 151,600 departures, so the number of actors keeps increasing; and the 130 million new arrivals will further their intelligence and ability development in an Aquarian Age world that is online, digitized, polarized, divided and fractured.

Now is so different from the past. Aquarian Age knowledge is deleting beliefs, suppositions, myths and misunderstandings.

The old order – Pisces – is collapsing or decaying and in its place there’s turmoil and disarray; and in 2020 the dangerous and demanding world environment is defined by energy-events in the Aquarian Age chart and the position of the vernal equinox.

Sun section – Libra decanate

In the Sun section of Aquarius domination, national supremacy, big power politics, nationalism, racial superiority and imperialism have taken center stage. The immediate future belongs to the nationalists and patriots.

In 2020 there’s a race for military dominance and the big powers are moving fast to win the new space race and the race for quantum superiority.

In the Libra decanate of Aquarius the danger that’s symbolically explained by Cetus, the whale monster, relates to persecution and repression.

In 2020 the destructive power of discord is all too clearly evident. Income inequality is at the highest levels ever.

Materialism, disinformation, false religions and atheism keep the human mind in the dark; and materialistic science tells lies and looks for answers to difficult questions in the wrong place.

Pluto period

In the Pluto period of Aquarius – with the vernal equinox square progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart – the world is divided; people are separated into opposing groups; and you’re being tracked by Facebook, surveilled by the government and misinformed by malicious fake news websites.

Democracy is under threat. A handful of powerful executives and their values are replacing governments and legislators in determining the direction society moves.

Your role as a participant in the political process has been usurped by powerful corporations and their lobbyists; and there’s widespread corruption in political and business circles.

Pluto adores opaqueness. It renders the keeping of accountability impossible.

Saturn and Uranus

In 2020 the two rulers of Aquarius – Saturn and Uranus – are separated. 

Saturn – the right side of the Universe – has a worldview that is conservative, self-centered and insensitive.  His fear and selfishness stifles progress and exterminates the sense of altruism.

As the flooding rain pours down the death toll goes up and without the rain the misery and despair escalates. Millions of species of plant and animal are at risk of extinction.

Uranus – the left side of the Universe – has a worldview that’s progressive, rebellious and democratic. His occult insight has the ability to intuit what’s wrong with the world.

But when the change process is too slow his discontentment explodes into violent protest. Millions of human souls are fighting to free themselves from the yoke of political and religious tyranny.

And in 2020 your life is enabled by satellites orbiting the planet where you live. You’re living in a digital world courtesy of Aquarius and Uranus.

Aquarius digital

Human actors here on Earth give Aquarius a narrative and in 2020 the prologue to the in-sky story was written by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. It’s all about digitization and living your life online.

Digitalization involves automation and in 2020 Aquarius is digitizing the Piscean Age workshop. Analog information is being converted into digital form so it can be stored, processed and transmitted by computer.

Technology has transformed the pen and pencil world.

The world economy is being digitalized.

In the age of artificial intelligence and machine learning business is employing digital technologies – computers and computer-controlled equipment – and competitive algorithms are running the stock market.

In 2020 planet Earth is an orbiting digital platform and your very special human life is structured around digital communication and media. It’s an interaction involving digital technologies and digital tools.

You’re a digital citizen living in a digital world. You’ve got digital literacy. Your financial life has been digitized. You go to work to finance your online life.

Aquarius provides e-commerce, video streaming and affordable devices so you’re shopping and being entertained online.

Aquarius in 2020 involves your cybersecurity and blockchain technology. It makes your data ‘almost’ safe from hackers.

But there’s a digital divide and there are millions of people who don’t have internet reception; and a digital world crime-wave.  

Your digital future

Governments run by computers and computerized systems are the future.

Massive data bases are being established. They’ll know all about your online life. The private sector is heavily involved so it has easy access to your data. There’s no attention being given to government misuse or abuse of the data and there’s a high risk of hacking.

When Uranus learnt to digitize Mercury’s intelligence he called it artificial but now the machine intelligence that follows the rules set by Mercury is writing the rules.

Uranus and his artificial-intelligence programs are taking control of the world economy and its financial markets. It’s all so amazing.

In 2020 brain science is working with machine learning to create technology that allows you to control and manipulate computers by thinking.

Artificial psychokinesis is on the horizon.

But it’s very easy to be fooled by machine intelligence and what it might accomplish; and the over reliance on artificial intelligence is sure to impede the evolutionary development of extrasensory perception – the only means by which you can personally investigate the inner workings of nature. Or maybe the smart folk in Silicon Valley will develop artificial ESP.

The internet of things (iot)

Maybe your car is an internet-connected computer on wheels. Maybe your house is surveilled by a smart doorbell that’s equipped with motion sensors and a video camera. Maybe you have smart lighting, a smart fridge and a smart mattress that tracks your sleep.

Digital age computerized machinery can schedule its own maintenance but the life span of your smart phone runs out when the manufacturer stops providing updates.

The digital world promises efficiency and safety – things that Saturn craves – and rows and disputes between sellers and customers (Mars) and criminal activity (Pluto). The more things change the more they stay the same.

Cyber attacks and malware

In 2020 the web of internet-connected devices and infrastructure – the Internet of Things – is a target for cyber-attacks.

Attackers can infect computers with malicious malware and get access to sensitive emails, personnel records and other details.

Sensitive sites include power plants and nuclear power stations. It’s a hair-raising scenario.

Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Israel are all doing it. The Lazarus Group of hackers is assumed to be controlled or directed by North Korea. It stole $81m from Bangladesh’s central bank in 2016 and mounted the massive WannaCry ransomware attack which struck over 200,000 computers in more than 150 countries in 2017.

Cyberspace is a shady world where hackers after intelligence and money claim to be who they’re not. Patriotic hackers work for governments. They’re out to steal state secrets. Hack proof cybersecurity is the only solution.

The gig economy

In the modern digital world the traditional concept of work is changing.

Machines and robots are taking over the work place and to finance your lifestyle you can move around and work several part-time jobs. You can work as an independent contractor or remotely from home.

The security of a steady job and regular pay packet has become a thing of the past.

The gig economy is based on flexible, temporary or freelance jobs and cheaper more efficient services so in 2020 you may be forced to develop and employ secondary skills and sacrifice the development of your one very special talent on the altar of economic necessity and your life could be stressed and disrupted as you’re always on the hunt for your next gig.

You’re under surveillance

In 2020 you’re under surveillance and artificial intelligence is eliminating the need for human investigators.

Around the globe there’s a rush to develop biometric identification systems.

A personal profile involving finger vein recognition, ear lobes, irises and DNA is part of your digital future.

You can be biologically surveilled with fingerprint, palm print, hand geometry, face, ear lobe, retina and odour/scent recognition technologies.

Maybe you live in a digital state where your human rights are under threat.

Phone apps enable authorities to retrieve your messages and photos and browse your contacts and internet history.

So who’s got access to the data that your fitness tracker provides; who owns the data that Facebook and Google has on you; and should your government be allowed to track you?

There are plenty of things to fear in 2020 – Saturn just won’t go away.

Fake news

The internet is a low-cost channel for fake news. It’s jam-packed with websites spreading disinformation that’s intended to mislead, deceive, damage a reputation or manipulate someone or something. 

Social media websites are venues for distributing fake news and when a bogus story is tweeted and retweeted it reaches a very large audience.

Fake news becomes dangerous when it’s used to spread propaganda.

When you read or hear something over and over again you’re inclined to believe it’s true. Repeated exposure to a false claim makes it plausible. Barack Obama wasn’t born in America.

In 2020 you’re having your thinking manipulated by political attack ads.

It doesn’t matter how well educated you are you can believe fake news if it affiliates you to a cause, conspiracy theory or political persuasion.

Social media is all about personal stories and sport’s news. The Moon’s urge to gossip and Mercury’s urge to talk are in seventh heaven.

Pluto is all about inversion; and the malicious Lower-Pluto person presents fake news in a way that it can be interpreted in divergent ways.

In 2020 fake news is the main act in the centre ring of our orbiting circus.

You’re swimming in an online pool of coded messages, repeated themes and problematic information and you’re going to believe what you want to believe.

In 2020 the fake news disease is the number 1 toxic issue and the best way to detect it is to develop orderly thinking and critical analysis.

Conspiracy theories

A conspiracy involves a small group of people who are working in secret to do something bad and illegal and a conspiracy theory is a theory that tries to explain some event by attributing it to a conspiracy.

In 2020 there are lots of conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theorists make things up and tend to go against established view and expert opinion. They don’t usually have specialist knowledge; and the extremist mindset is fertile ground for believing a conspiracy theory.

Climate change is a current big ticket conspiracy theory.

It’s easy to get roped into believing a conspiracy theory but the theory usually falls apart under close forensic examination.

In 2020 you should apply serious critical scrutiny and rigorously test everything you hear.

Aquarius 2020

Aquarius has seen extraordinary change and in 2020, with Mars parallel Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart, accelerated technological change is here.

In a decade or so Aquarius will run on quantum computers that are many times more powerful than existing computers and the quantum revolution will impact every technology and pose radically different problems and challenges. 

In 2020 you’re living in a different world – an extraordinary world – but it’s polarized, fractured and confronted by massive social problems.

There are space ships and space agencies; the promise of space travel; people who spend more time up in the air than they do on the ground; and melting ice caps and rising seas.

In 2020 new technologies are being used to benefit and improve standards of living, save costs and investigate fraud; and the very powerful tech companies are under regulatory assault.

Governments are investigating fake news, social media and the malicious foreign actors trying to undermine democracy. In 2020 the law of the jungle will confront the law of the land.

In 2020 Aquarius presents a cavalcade of difficult problems – protecting democracy is one; a lack of political leadership is another.

There are security challenges – Russia is making the EU and NATO very nervous – and an urgent need for defense spending, intelligence gathering and coalition building.

In 2020 you’re living through an internet revolution that was impossible to predict 25 years ago.

On June 21, 2020 there’s an annular eclipse of the Sun; on November 3, 2020 America votes; and on December 14, 2020 there’s a total eclipse of the Sun. But who knows? Event forecasting in the age of science is riddled with uncertainty.

In 2020 astrophysicists know about gravitational waves but they don’t know about astral waves. They’re transmitted by the planets and astrology is the science that allows you to understand their cosmic messages.

Astrology explains Aquarius and makes the world today understandable.

Author: DW Sutton

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