Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in the sky in 2020

On January 12, 2020 Saturn in the sky is conjunction Pluto and on December 21, 2020 Saturn is conjunction Jupiter so two Saturn conjunctions bookend 2020; and between the two Saturn bookends is a financial story that Jupiter and Pluto will script and enact.

Saturn conjunction Pluto in the sky in 2019-20

Saturn is the planet of fear, security and deception and Pluto is the planet of globalization, obsession and propaganda and in 2019 there was an economic slowdown; an obsession with safety and security; and widespread proliferation of fake news and misinformation.

In mid 2016 it was first observed that fake news was being deliberately proliferated by websites and in 2019, with Saturn conjunction Pluto in the sky, it’s safe to conclude that its delivery became more subtle and sophisticated. 

Saturn conjunction Pluto is at peak power on January 12, 2020 but its aftermath throughout 2020 will force humanity to confront dangerous and serious problems that undermine its safety and welfare.

In 2019 the protection of your online privacy was a key issue.

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Jupiter conjunction and parallel Pluto in 2020

In 2020 Jupiter and Pluto take center stage.

Jupiter conjunction Pluto in the sky starts January 19, 2020.

Their three conjunction aspects reach peak power April 5, June 30 and November 12; and Jupiter is parallel Pluto on March 1, August 13 and October 3, 2020.

Jupiter is the planet of finances, higher prices, banks, commerce, trade, legal matters, judges, court decisions, laws, arbitration, treaties, religion, advertising and the public expression of opinion.

Pluto is the planet of cooperation, groups, a unified position, division, crime, corruption, coercion, persecution, political repression, human rights abuses, dictators, cunning secrecy, threats, intimidation and misinformation.

Jupiter will spend 2020 dealing with Saturn’s economic problems.

The best case scenario is a massive cash-splash that contains the damage and keeps the world economy churning, but the coffers in many countries are empty and there’s little room to move on interest rates.

Jupiter’s feel-good optimism has to get people to unzip their wallets and start spending, but if you haven’t got any money…

Jupiter’s financial churn

Astrologers aren’t financial experts but they do know that Jupiter is the planet of capitalism and that Earth is an orbiting supermarket where goods and services are sold in a competitive market place; and that capitalism is always chasing profits and new markets.

Its continued success demands that you consume more and more. Once you stop spending capitalism is a dead duck.

Jupiter is focused on expansion and expansion is what happens when something increases or rises like the amount of goods produced, energy prices, transport costs, food prices, insurance costs, tax revenues, the stock market, property values and your pay packet.

Jupiter stimulates by injecting money into the economy. He’s printing money and increasing interest rates. He jump starts sluggish economic activity by spending up big on capital investment and infrastructure projects.

His banks make money by selling you theirs and central banks and other monetary authorities take action to control the money supply.

Jupiter represents the wealth side of financial inequality.

Prices, consumer demand, inflation, central banks and trade are all linked to Jupiter’s financial churn.

Pluto’s misinformation churn

In 2020 you’re inundated with Pluto’s propaganda and you’re very inclined to accept the message and ask no questions. It’s a bad policy. Even the fact-check tweets being sent by your favorite political party are likely to be dodgy.

Propaganda is a powerful tool.

It’s used by governments, religions, corporations and special interest groups to educate and manipulate you to their purpose; and if you haven’t developed critical thinking skills you’re an easy catch.

Television, radio, internet websites, social media, newspapers and magazines are used to message propaganda and some is so subtle you don’t even know you’re being influenced and cunningly persuaded.

Capitalism runs on propaganda.

Fake news websites churn out misinformation 24/7.

Advertising (Jupiter) is a form of propaganda and every time you click on a website that has advertising the website (Pluto) makes money.

The dark side of Pluto is all about smoke and mirrors, murkiness and cunning. It hates transparency and is skilled in the art of propaganda and persuasion.

Jupiter conjunction and parallel Saturn

Jupiter is conjunction Saturn in the sky December 21, 2020.

It starts January 26, 2020 so its influence is pronounced throughout the year and Saturn is conjunction Jupiter and Pluto in each of their conjunction charts. 

In 2020 Jupiter tries to overcome the economic difficulties through financial stimulus and other measures and Saturn defines the problem – cash strapped economies, unemployment, stagnant wages growth, debt and ailing consumer demand.

Pluto – as cooperation or coercion – identifies the critical factor.

Jupiter and Saturn are the business planets and in 2008-09 the banks (Jupiter) had a near death experience (Saturn). The frightened bankers responded by holding onto plenty of extra cash, but in 2019 their cash piles began to shrink (Saturn) and their urge to lend abated.

Saturn is the planet of economy. He’s frugal and very price sensitive. He’s saving money and buying assets. He’s focused on protecting his money and securing his wealth.

Jupiter parallel Saturn in the sky starts October 31, 2020.

It reaches peak power December 25, 2020 at 6.59.48pm.

A chart can be calculated for this data but Jupiter parallel Saturn will add intensity to Jupiter conjunction Saturn on December 21.

But in January 2020 the full impact of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the sky is twelve months away and what happens between now and then depends upon Jupiter and whether he can help to heal an ailing economy.

And Jupiter promises happy endings.

He’s into merry making and spending money.

He never counts the cost and in January 2021 we’ll know if Jupiter kept the world economy churning and bought a happy ending.

Author: DW Sutton

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