A snapshot of Mars-Saturn-Uranus in 2020

In many respects the modern Aquarian Age world with its amazing knowledge and technologies is far from modern. It’s burdened with conservative thinkers who fear and resist progressive change and afflicted by outdated religious beliefs and teachings that fail to fit in with its new scientific knowledge.

It’s a scenario described by Saturn and Uranus – the two rulers of Aquarius – and they can be likened to two tribes that have different ways of viewing life and the direction things should take.

Conservative Saturn favors traditional social values and liberal Uranus is a progressive libertarian and with Mars parallel Saturn and Uranus in the Aquarian Age chart the two tribes are at war.

The world in 2020 is a battlefield where Saturn’s conservative forces – driven by Piscean Age religious teachings and traditional values – combat Uranus’s progressive forces – driven by Aquarian Age values, freedom, human rights and scientific knowledge. And Mars, the planet of war, has a cosmic reputation for causing immeasurable harm and damage here on Earth.

On the political stage Uranus leads the progressive forces intent on replacing the old with the new; and Saturn leads the conservative forces intent on ensuring they don’t.

Saturn is all about business, private enterprise and personal initiative and Uranus is focused on worker welfare and government ownership.

Conservative politics puts the breaks on social progress.

Saturn doesn't like change, liberalism or helping – he only helps himself.

So you’re witnessing a mighty cosmic political battle as Uranus tries to move forward and an increasingly hard-line Saturn does everything in his power to keep the world frozen in time.

But ultra conservative Saturn does team up with progressive Uranus if the technology provides him with practical personal benefits.


Ferocious competition drives business, but there are very few winners and many, many losers.

Farmers are in the crossfire of the tariff war.

Miners are in the crossfire of the anti-coal war.

In America there are three million infections a year. A person catches an infection every 11 seconds.  It’s the age of superbugs.

Mars and his aggressive behavior are threatening your security.

There are dangerous security risks so countries have powerful armies to protect and defend their interests.

Your nation’s military works for the government and is paid to keep you safe from enemies. Its size depends on your country’s population.

China has 2,035,000 active military personnel; India has 1,440,000 and America has 1,358,000. They’re the world’s largest armies. 

The US army is considered to be the strongest and best equipped. It has the largest military-budget at $693 billion (2019). China’s is $175 billion.

Some countries like France and Britain have small armies but large defense budgets.

The Mars-Saturn climate emergency

The weather was once normal, certain and predictable; now it’s freaky.

Catastrophic weather events are common. Weather records are broken regularly.

A winter blitz causes death and destruction and summer heat waves kill.

Monsoons, typhoons, monster storms and tornadoes wreak havoc. Destructive hailstorms ruin crops. Drought causes famine.

Floods and droughts destroy crops and you and the farmers suffer.


I feel angry, therefore I rebel.

In 2020 Mars and Uranus are a hotbed of anger and discontent. They’re intent on violent disruption.

The radicals and revolutionaries are boiling with anger and burning anger and deep frustration easily erupts into violent protests and when you’ve got nothing you’ve got nothing to lose.

Social inequalities fuel discontent and unrest suddenly erupts into protest.

It’s a set of circumstances that defines the Uranus problem: When things happen with cataclysmic suddenness the demonstrators forget to make a plan so what happens is unpredictable. Strife for protestors is certain.

Mars and Uranus are a hotbed of invention and innovation. They’re busy inventing new-age weapons and versatile hi-tech armor with heating and cooling systems courtesy of the latest biotechnology.

Mars and Saturn are working on protective systems and Mars and Uranus are working on new medical technologies that will patch up the injured soldiers.


You’re living in a strange world where modern life is conditioned by dubious knowledge and unsubstantiated beliefs.

Conservative Saturn represents a practical counter to misguided revolutionary change but in 2020 the progressive Aquarian Age agenda is meeting powerful resistance from the far-right ultra-orthodox conservatives. Driven by a fear of change they’re hell bent on slamming the brakes on social progress.

But technology powers the world economy and big business roams the globe seeking capital, labor, raw materials, markets and newer technology.

Uranus is inviting Saturn to perform an efficiency upgrade.

Farmers are running their farms with New Age Uranian technology. They’re using satellites and drones to survey their farms.

Vertical farming is helping to feed the world. It involves stacking trays of plants on top of each other. It’s nothing new but commercial vertical farms are; and these new ‘plant factories’ are attracting big investors. 

The perils of climate change are being addressed by scientific knowledge.

The security agenda is powered by original thinking and reform.

Solving security problems, like global warming, will take some very smart thinking and behavior change. Artificial intelligence won’t do it – fear might.

It’s a world of extremes – extreme weather events, unpredictable storms and flash droughts.

There’s extreme financial and spiritual inequality. The poor have empty wallets and the rich have empty souls. 

It’s believed that money makes you happy and that greed is the best road to a successful worthwhile life. Old-age thinking is a hard habit to break.

The power to change is frustrated by fear and superstition.

Mars, Saturn and Uranus in 2020

The coal mining industry is under attack from environmental activists.

Stampeding protestors are running like hell to escape the water cannon, tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition and the violence is videoed on smart phones and uploaded to social media.  

And the terrifying New Age weapons have Saturn on the frontline pushing Uranus to invent mindless autonomous robot soldiers to do the fighting and killing.

In 2020 America and China are fighting a tech cold war that involves Trump, Google, Huawei, Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, unfair trading practices, economic espionage, spies, surveillance, trade secrets, tariffs and levies.

American tech sees China’s push to win the AI processor market as a serious threat and the tech cold war looks like escalating.

In 2020 there are business boycott wars.

You have the right to boycott a business that you think is threatening the health of the planet. And to get a business to do the right thing you can apply consumer pressure and threaten it with financial harm.

In 2020 there’s a mighty ideological clash taking place between fundamentalism and modernity – conservative traditionalists and radical free thinkers –self-interest and altruistic endeavor – the status quo and reform – restraint and freedom – and fear of the unknown and true knowledge.

The end result might be new ways of thinking about security, equality, labor, the economy and climate change but Saturn takes a guarded approach. He’s not rash or reckless.

He fears radical change – it disturbs the status quo – so Mars and Uranus have the job of convincing Saturn that there’s nothing to fear.

Saturn has great foresight but his pessimism thinks there are plenty of things to feel pessimistic about and fear makes him stupid.

He’s unable to see the crisis and moves too late.

The boat must be sinking before Saturn takes action to remedy the situation; and in 2021, with Saturn square Uranus in the sky, an extreme climate emergency is forecast for the world and its inhabitants.

Author: DW Sutton

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