China in 2020

China has ambitions. It wants to be the dominant world power, but in 2019 it engaged in a trade war with America – the current economic and military power house – and its domestic economy suffered, expanding by 6.1% – the worst figure in 29 years.

So in 2020 China is facing its most difficult economic conditions in decades and progressed Sun square progressed Saturn in its chart forecasts a domestic economic situation that is as bad as it gets.

China’s chart progressed to December 31, 2020

Chart data is October 1, 1949 at 3.15pm CST (39N36; 116E24)

On December 3, 2019 progressed Sun in China’s chart at 18 Sagittarius 05 in house 10 (the administration) moved to form a square (obstacle) aspect with progressed Saturn at 19 Virgo 07 in house 7 (the international community).  

It forecasts strained relations with other countries – serious damage to China’s economy – and a frustrated administration unable to contain the damage.

Even though progressed Midheaven is trine (luck) birth chart Sun in house 8 (loans due from other countries) the progressed Sun-progressed Saturn square will see China’s economic slowdown (Saturn) become a major problem for the government (Sun).  

In June 2016 progressed Mars moved to form a luck (trine) aspect with birth chart Jupiter and China responded by engaging in extravagant infrastructure expansion – China’s Belt and Road Initiativebut after October 9, 2020 when this aspect ends it’s likely that the venture’s promised financial bounty (Jupiter) won’t be as big as what China is expecting.

In mid-December progressed Sun in house 10 was semisquare birth chart Moon – cusp ruler of house 6 (sickness) – and progressed Venus in house 12 was sesquisquare progressed Saturn – planet of disease – and there was a pneumonia outbreak in the city of Wuhan with an unknown cause. (By February 2020 the coronavirus outbreak had became a major national and international health emergency.) 

In April 2020 progressed Mercury in house 11 moves to form an agitation (sesquisquare) aspect with birth chart Mars – planet of strife and conflict – in house 7 (the international community); and in June 2020 progressed Midheaven in house 1 moves to form a sesquisquare aspect with progressed Mars in house 8 (predatory leading).

So China can expect a hostile backlash from countries that can’t repay their debts, support the Hong Kong democracy protests or openly condemn the country’s treatment of Uighur Muslims.

In 2020 China has pollution problems, endemic corruption, an economic slump and a coronavirus epidemic to deal with.

Internationally it has strained relations with the global community.  Strife, fighting words and conflict will define an eventful year.

Author: DW Sutton

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