America in 2020

2020 was a horrible – unforgettable – year for America.

It started with an in-sky Saturn-Pluto conjunction and Donald Trump’s impeachment trail and a coronavirus outbreak and ended with an in-sky Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and a major pandemic-economic disaster and the US presidential election.

That said... progressed aspects in America’s chart scripted the 2020 narrative and progressed Sun played a big part in the story.

America’s chart progressed to December 31, 2020

Chart data is July 4, 1776 at 2.14.35am LMT Philadelphia, Pa (39N57: 75W09)

Progressed Sun semisquare birth chart Pluto – planet of division – scripted Donald Trump’s impeachment trial and the drastic political polarization.  

Progressed Sun inconjunct birth chart Saturn – planet of disease – scripted the coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout. (Sun is square Saturn in the birth chart.)

Saturn is the cusp ruler of house 8 (death and debt) and house 10 (business – the job creators) and progressed Saturn is in house 6 (the labor that business employs).

Progressed Sun trine birth chart Jupiter – the high moral ground and cusp ruler of house 7 (other countries) – scripted Mike Pompeo’s attacks on China’s human-rights record in regard to the detention of ethnic Uyghurs in re-education camps and his warnings regarding China’s global power ambitions.

Progressed Venus in house 12 (unemployment) square progressed Pluto scripted the massive unemployment that resulted from the coronavirus lockdown.

When America went into lockdown (Pluto) business (house 10) laid off millions of workers (house 6) who then became unemployed (house 12) and dependent on relief (house 12) from the government.

The coronavirus pandemic

The administration’s incompetent response (house 10) to the nation’s coronavirus outbreak (Saturn) resulted in a national catastrophe. Throughout the year the death (house 8) and case counts rose; 30 million people were unemployed (house 12); and in August Congress couldn’t agree on a financial relief package (house 12). The loss and grief (Saturn) was staggering.

This nightmare event was scripted by progressed Sun inconjunct birth chart Saturn in house 5; progressed Mars –planet of strife and doctors – in house 5 parallel birth chart Saturn; and progressed Jupiter in house 2 (finances) square birth chart Saturn.

House 5 where Saturn is located rules young people, children, social fun, sport, stage and screen and schools and the pandemic brought socializing, entertainment and sport to a halt and opening up schools during the pandemic became a hot political-social issue.

The social isolation (house 12) that the virus enforced (Pluto) was scripted by progressed Venus square progressed Pluto.

The administration’s incompetent no-plan response and the high death toll was scripted by Saturn – cusp ruler of house10 (the administration) and house 8 (death)

Progressed Venus in house 12 (unemployment) square progressed Pluto – the cusp ruler of house 6 (workers) – scripted the high unemployment level especially amongst women (Venus) and the failure to provide the unemployed with economic-financial relief (house 12).

Trade warring with China

America’s trade war with China that escalated throughout the year with tit for tat scuffles was scripted by progressed Sun trine birth chart Jupiter – planet of trade – and progressed Sun semisquare progressed Pluto in house 9 (trade).

George Floyd

In America’s chart Uranus – planet of discontentment and civil unrest – and Mars – planet of police officers, fury and anger – are in house 1 (the people); and George Floyd’s killing by a police officer on May 25, 2020 was a watershed moment for the country that values freedom, liberty and justice for all.

The event that ignited outrage and daily protests across America and exposed the dark side of the nation’s soul was scripted by progressed Mercury trine birth chart Mars in house 1; progressed Sun semisquare progressed Pluto – planet of brutal crime – the cusp ruler of house 6 (police officers); progressed Sun inconjunct birth chart Saturn – planet of grief – the cusp ruler of house 8 (death); and progressed Uranus – planet of exposé and protests – conjunction birth chart ascendant. Progressed Moon in house 8 (death) was parallel birth chart and progressed Uranus.

The misinformation pandemic

In America’s chart Pluto – planet of fake news, misinformation and propaganda – is in house 9 (social media, radio, television and advertising) and in 2020 America was awash with misinformation, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

It seems the nation’s lead actor and many minor support players responded to Lower-Pluto’s invitation to walk the low road. They used Facebook and Twitter and other social media platforms, television (house 9) and fake news websites (house 9) to disseminate their lies and misinformation.

In 2020 this very dangerous situation was scripted by progressed Sun semisquare progressed Pluto in house 9 and progressed Venus in house 12 (invisible players and secret enemies) square progressed Pluto.

And with progressed ascendant in house 7 inconjunct birth chart Mercury and Pluto in house 9 very active foreign actors (house 7) were major players in the misinformation game actively interfering in American politics by providing fake news, alternative facts and manipulated videos to the American people.

The US postal service and postal voting

In America’s chart Mercury (postal work) is in house 3 (the mail and postal service) and in August 2020 Donald Trump launched a grievance-fueled (misinformation) campaign against the United States Postal Service. He challenged the integrity of mail-in-ballots and raised the prospect of voter fraud in the November election.

With millions of people expected to vote by mail due to the coronavirus pandemic controversy (Mercury) erupted and claims of voter suppression (Pluto) had concerned citizens protesting.

This event was scripted by progressed Mercury in house 10 trine birth chart Mars; and progressed ascendant in house 7 inconjunct birth chart Mercury in house 3 (the postal service).

Mercury in house 3 is opposition Pluto in house 9 and the aspect’s menace, as voter suppression, controversy and misinformation in regard to postal voting, was released when Mercury and Pluto were both activated by progression and the environmental setting gave the energy-event the green light.

Saturn and Pluto in 2020

In 2020 Saturn and Pluto played major roles in America’s story and their in-sky conjunction on January 12, 2020 was live till February 23, 2021.

Saturn is the planet of loss and in 2020 America was a big loser as testified by the case and death counts and economic suffering inflicted by the coronavirus.

Pluto is the planet of division and misinformation and in 2020 the land of the free descended into a bad place.

Donald Trump’s impeachment trial was as big as it gets in politics and the coronavirus pandemic was as big as it gets in public health.

You could easily conclude that in 2020, with progressed Sun semisquare Pluto and inconjunct Saturn, that Pluto’s division and misinformation and Saturn’s loss, grief and suffering eclipsed the Sun’s light and America descended in darkness.

Come November 3, 2020 the country is at a tipping point and with progressed Sun trine birth chart Jupiter in its chart there is a ray of hope.


Author: DW Sutton

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