Your cosmic connections

Before everything there was nothing and astronomers reckon that about 13.7 billion years ago the universe, and everything that now exists, burst into life.

In less than one millionth of a second infinite space became filled with an infinite universe of matter and energy.  The starting point was total.  

The last burst of light from the Big Bang was detected as microwaves in 1964.  It confirmed the existence of the Big Bang.

A lot has happened since the initial blast and astronomers are trying to document the whole story: The beginning of time, the first stars, the death of mega stars, the formation of dwarf galaxies, the Milky Way, the Sun and the glorious blue planet where you live.

Shortly after the Big Bang the universe only contained hydrogen and helium. The conditions back then determined the future evolution of chemical elements in the universe and your physical body is made of these chemical elements.

All the heavier elements – those elements you have within your body – had to be created at the center of stars where the tremendous pressures and temperatures allow atoms of hydrogen and helium to fuse together.

So you’re physically connected to the stars.  The atoms of your body were once part of the stars.  Your physical self is made of star stuff.

And there’s an intimate connection between your soul and the natural universe too.

Your soul is made of star stuff

Your astral body, or not-conscious mind, is made of astral substance and that’s star stuff.

The thought-elements within your soul are readily acted upon by the astral radiations from the planets.  

So your mental self is made of star stuff:  And your spiritual self is made of divine star stuff.  You’re mentally animated by star stuff.

Some human souls, due to their misguided arrogance and conceit, have come to view themselves as over and above nature – as being able to control nature – but nature is the reason you’re here.

As a human soul expressing through a physical body you’re a product of nature – God’s Great Evolutionary Plan – and your physical self is made of elements produced by the stars.

You’re here because of the stars.

You’re a part of nature and Hermetic science seeks to understand this relationship between you and the natural world through investigative research.

The key evidence that proves that your soul has a connection to the stars is astrology.

Astrology and you

Astrology proves that your consciousness development is influenced by signals from the sky.

It reveals that your soul has a sympathetic connection to the stars and explains how the planets and zodiac signs – via your personal astrology code – influence your character and ability development.

Astrology provides a sense of being intimately connected to the natural world – to the stars and the universe – and your life journey provides educational experiences and on the job training.

You’re here to develop the special natural talent that defines your reason for being.

As a child of the universe you could say your parents are the stars – you’re the light of every star – and you and your talent belong to God and nature.

Your being here represents a personal commitment to the developmental enterprise and knowledge of your birth chart and Hermetic astrology allows you to play a proactive, collaborative role in your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Author: DW Sutton

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