Your soul is tagged with an astrology code

Electronic tagging, aka electronic monitoring, is common these days. Farmers tag their live stock; marine scientists tag sharks, whales, seals and turtles; and the legal system tags criminals. It’s done to monitor movement.

But long before human invented electronic tagging God sanctioned astral tagging was a universal practice. It’s achieved through the astrology code and allows God to monitor the character development of souls on evolutionary journeys.  

Life is feeling and intelligence expressing through form and the astrology code allows for life coding. It’s a set of instructions for the emergence and development of intelligence and ability and each of its letters represents a fundamental life coding principle.

The code’s alphabet consists of 22 letters – the Sun, Moon, 8 planets and 12 zodiac signs – and when the letters are arranged in a certain way they have a meaning and when they’re arranged in another way they have a different meaning. The arrangement is called the astrology code. 

The astrology code

The astrology code is no ordinary code. It’s a moving code and as the Sun, Moon and planets move through the zodiac, forming planet-sign associations and angular relationships, new and different versions of the code are formed. 

Each new version provides a blueprint for the possible development of a special type of soul-intelligence; and when environment is factored into the coding process the diversity of intelligence and ability that can be developed seems limitless.

It means that two similar codes operating 1000 years apart or in two different environments at the same time will produce very different results; and that two different codes living at the same address will produce different characters and different life stories.

The astrology code has been framed by an intelligence of such vastness and wisdom that S/he’s beyond human comprehension.  You can view it as natural law.

It’s a perfect code that God uses to participate in the consciousness development of souls. There are no errors, no faults or imperfections, no gaps or overlaps, no weak spots and no inconsistencies in God’s great astrology code.

It’s a set of life rules that have been superbly crafted by a code maker who knows what S/he requires and how it can be best achieved in all living organisms. 

Each letter in the code represents a state of consciousness in the Divine mind and each soul, endowed with a different version of the same code, has its own intelligence type, ability and way of development.

Your soul is tagged with an astrology code

Your physical body has a genetic code and your character has an astrology code.

Your thought and feeling world can only be understood as astrological data and the astrology code was written in your soul when you first came into existence.

At this time your soul was endowed with a polarity that set the course of its life journey; and your astrology code is a set of instructions for building and transforming thought-elements – the basic structural units of consciousness – into states of consciousness that express intelligence and ability.

Your birth chart reveals how this extraordinary project proceeded up to the moment of your human birth. Your character at that time gave your future development a trajectory; and your consciousness – as a perception of relations – is now unfolding in an environment that provides human life events and conditions.

Your astrology code provides you with a job description and through experience you’re being trained to perform an essential function in God’s Grand Cosmic Enterprise. The Great God of all the Universes is participating in your intelligence and ability development ensuring that you become the artisan nature intends. God is keeping tabs.

The layout of your astrology code, in and around your birth chart, specifies a life story that incites the development of your special type of intelligence and ability. It specifies the experiences needed to get the job done.

The planets and zodiac signs – the code’s 22 letters – have direct astral contact with your soul and indirectly influence your character development by stimulating thought-cell activity that attracts events.  

You bet your life on everything you know so it’s in your best interest to know your astrology code. It’s with you 24/7, explains who you are, defines your reason for being, scripts your life story, reveals who you’re evolving into, allows you to make reliable predictions about yourself, provides you with rules for living, signals the arrival of astrological events, keeps you informed about future developments and allows you to more precisely manage your intelligence and ability development.

The profound life-data that’s embedded in the astrology code cannot be accessed by fortune-tellers or those who refuse to acknowledge its existence. Its message can’t be understood by the intellectually or spiritually challenged.

Those not in the know include monarchs, presidents, politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, judges, lawyers, biologists, doctors, priests, bankers and celebrities who often live lives that are out-of-step with their personal codes. Their misguided intentions result in blunder and disintegration as they fail to reach their God-given potential as a human soul.

Your astrology code is a textbook on how you ought to live and Hermetic astrology explains its coded data in your language so you’re able to translate it into a narrative that makes sense to you. 

Your personal code allows you to eavesdrop on what God intends for you. You showcase its richness and uniqueness and Hermetic astrology is here to help you crack your astrology code.

Author: DW Sutton

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