Desire is your driver

Powerful urges embedded by experience in your not-conscious soul-mind give your life purpose and direction. They’re jam-packed with desire and their astrological markers in your birth chart measure the strength and functionality.

It’s a birth chart fact that the influence of the not-conscious urge mapped by your dominant planet – the one with the highest astrodyne power score – is conspicuous.

A planet with a power score above 8.3% is graded prominent and its corresponding psychological driver is highly active. Its thoughts, feelings and impulses are regularly on your mind so you’re constantly taking action to satisfy its incessant desire.

A powerful not-conscious urge mapped by a prominent planet will demonstrate major events that define your life story.

A planet with an astrodyne power score below 8.3% is graded non-prominent and as a planet’s power score decreases the influence of its psychological correlate is correspondingly reduced.

To sum-up: The planets in your birth chart with the highest astrodyne scores have the most influence and the planets with the lowest astrodyne scores have the least.

Desire is your driver

The desire you feel to do this, that or the other is a not-conscious energy that is tensed up and straining to be released. It has grabbed your attention and your strongest desires mobilize you into action.

In a very competitive psychological environment your less active psychological urges play second fiddle to your more active and more powerful desires but they’re all influencing your thoughts, feelings and actions to a greater or lesser extent. A weak transient desire that temporarily captures your attention is less likely to get you going. Your life journey is paved with things you didn’t do.

The frequent absence of something you want like happiness, security, sex, success, wealth or peace of mind keeps you pursuing it. Dissatisfaction or a lack of satisfaction is your driver. What you think, feel and do is just you striving to satisfy a not-conscious desire that’s doing its thing.

You assert yourself, exercise personal control and seek praise, respect and admiration to satisfy your urge for power and desire for significance (Sun).

You set up house, establish a family, raise and nurture children, attend to daily life chores and gossip to satisfy your domestic urge and desire for a home and family (Moon).

You talk, communicate, tell your story, think, solve problems, make decisions, learn and acquire an education to satisfy your intellectual urge and desire to express yourself (Mercury).

You seek companionship, socialize with loved ones, hang-out with friends and appreciate beauty and the arts to satisfy your social urge and desire for love and affection (Venus).

You take the initiative, fight, swear, curse, hurl abuse, court danger, take risks, speculate, have sex, exercise, speed and consume alcohol to satisfy your aggressive urge and desire for adventure (Mars).

You have religious or philosophical beliefs, show tolerance and good will, revere those you admire, acquire wealth and pursue prosperity to satisfy your religious urge and desire for abundance (Jupiter). 

You go to work, earn money, plan your future, insure possessions and do all you can to prevent poverty, disease and loss to satisfy your security urge and desire for safety (Saturn).

You have original ideas, personal eccentricities, make surprise moves and experience sudden changes of fortune to satisfy your individualistic urge and desire to be different (Uranus).

You idealize what is, fantasize, watch movies, read fiction, scheme and dream about easy wealth and a life of ease and comfort to satisfy your utopian urge and desire to escape harsh reality (Neptune).

And you join a group, work in a team, collaborate with colleagues and contribute to the common good to satisfy your universal welfare urge and desire to cooperate (Pluto).

What you experience as desire is very personal so you’re the only person who can make sense of your birth chart’s planet power summary as a hierarchy of desires, wants and needs.

Author: DW Sutton

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