Your personal hierarchy of needs

During the 1950s, the American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, observed that the satisfaction of human needs tended to follow a logical progression, so he developed what he called the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’. 

This hierarchy, which applied to all people, commenced with low-order needs and worked up to high-order needs and Maslow claimed that as one personal desire or need was satisfied, another came along to take its place.  It’s still popular as an explainer of needs-based human behavior.

On Maslow’s (incomplete) hierarchy, your physiological needs come first.  They embrace all the needs linked to your day to day survival (Moon) and include your need to obtain food, shelter, clothing, heat and light. 

Then come your security needs (Saturn).  They embrace your desire to work, earn money and protect yourself against loss and reduced living standards.  All forms of insurance are an attempt to obtain security. 

Next on Maslow’s list are your social needs (Venus) which include your desire for affection and need to be wanted (emotionally).  And your need for companionship and social fun has you singing, dancing and socializing with friends.

Number four on Maslow’s hierarchy are your esteem needs (Sun) which include your need for recognition and desire to exercise authority.  This need embraces your desire for significance and self-respect.

Then having satisfied all these needs you’re ready to pursue self-actualization by setting out to accomplish as much as you can through creative endeavor and the non-stop development of your personal talents.  Alas, Maslow claimed, few people ever reached this stage.

Classifying people by their psychological needs

Maslow also classified people according to their psychological needs. 

Those with a powerful need to dance and socialize (Venus) like (or have a natural affinity) to associate with other people who are socially inclined.

Those with powerful aggressive instincts (Mars) like to mix with other people who are physically active and competitive.  On the battlefield they like to fight each other.  And those with a powerful religious urge (Jupiter) like to worship and pray with those have the same religious beliefs.  

Some people have an air of authority (Sun), some express grace and charm (Venus) while others are rebellious and unconventional (Uranus).

Some fix motor cars (Mars), some have managerial skills (Sun) and some write books (Mercury).  Others have athletic ability (Mars), artistic skills (Venus) or business acumen (Jupiter and Saturn).  Some have a need for luxury living (Jupiter) while others can make do with the bare necessities (Saturn) and some need companionship (Venus) while others can live in isolation (Uranus).

In the psychological sciences this recognition by Maslow, that people in general have a hierarchy of needs, was an important observation but it does ignore an easily observed fact. You’re not general.  You’re unique and you have your own personal hierarchy of needs that’s clearly defined in your birth chart and ranked by the planets (ascendant and Midheaven) on the planet power summary of your chart’s astrodyne report.

Your personal hierarchy of needs

The planets are listed in descending power order; and each planet by its position on the summary sorts an untidy bundle of needs into a personal order that puts you in the picture when it comes to your personal hierarchy of needs.

Your need to attain significance, be somebody and exercise power and authority is mapped by the Sun in your birth chart.

Your need for a home and family life is mapped by the Moon.

Your need to reason, learn, read and talk is mapped by Mercury.

Your need to give and receive affection and socialize is mapped by Venus.

Your need to take aggressive action, fight enemies, challenge opponents and have sex is mapped by Mars.

Your need to make lots of money, show goodwill, accept difference and worship is mapped by Jupiter.

Your need for safety, security, work, economy, organization and efficiency is mapped by Saturn.

Your need for individualism, originality, independent living and personal autonomy is mapped by Uranus.

Your need for schemes, fantasy-utopian day-dreaming, creative imagination and easy living is mapped by Neptune.

And you’re need for group activity and spiritual endeavor is mapped by Pluto.

The astrodyne power of a planet in your birth chart measures its influence as a dynamic component of your thought and feeling world.  And the planets by their positions on your chart’s planet power summary sort Maslow’s one-size-fits-all order of needs into a personal hierarchy which allows you to know where you’re priorities lie when living your life.

Author: DW Sutton

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