Stellar diagnosis

In 1946 Elbert Benjamine and William Drake changed the astrological landscape forever.

It was a breathtaking moment.

That’s when relative measurement was introduced into the assessment of the birth chart.

Astrodynes are a set of mathematical calculations that measure the power, harmony or discord possessed by each planet, aspect, sign and house in any chart.

They’re the outstanding advance in astrological science since the discovery of the birth chart by the first astrologers.

They replaced judgment and estimation – the old astrology – with relative measurement and now with computer technology performing the calculations we know what stellar dynamics looks like.

Astrology plus numbers equals stellar dynamics.

It’s the new astrology.

And stellar dynamics introduces you to stellar diagnosis.

Stellar diagnosis

Your birth chart is a map of astrological vibratory rates.

It’s a map of your soul or character.

Natal astrology allows you to assess your birth chart and stellar dynamics allows you to perform an in-depth stellar diagnosis of your soul.

Your soul is your unconscious or not-conscious mind.

It’s composed of ten dynamic thought-cell groups.

They’re vibrations in astral substance and each thought-cell group has its astrological correlate in your birth chart.

They’re the planets and the relative strength of each thought-cell group matches the astrodyne power of its astrological marker.

The one with the most power dominates your psychological landscape.

The functionality of each thought-cell group matches the harmony or discord of its astrological marker.

So the power, harmony or discord possessed by each planet in your birth chart allows you to assess and analyze the thought-cell activity that’s taking place in your not-conscious mind.

Stellar diagnosis transports you to the precursor realm of not-conscious thought.

It allows you to have a close encounter with your soul and the life experience that’s been destined by nature to develop your special attributes and abilities.

Stellar diagnosis and you

Astrology clearly demonstrates that what comes into your life is due to the reaction of your character upon environment.

It proves conclusively that the environment in which you operate is attracted into your life by the outstanding features of your character.

So how does your character influence what happens in your life?

Your physical body is built of physical cells and your astral body or not-conscious mind is built of psychoplasmic cells derived from experience.

These cells are organized into structures.

They’re called thought-cell groups.

And the most energetic thought-cell groups in your not-conscious mind are mapped by the planets in your birth chart.

When a progressed aspect gives a boost to a thought-cell group’s normal level of energy it has the ability to accomplish things that it couldn’t normally do.

The not-conscious and conscious thinking that is set in motion can demonstrate an important event relative to your work, finances, home-life or health.

Your character is composed of thoughts, feelings and impulses and stellar diagnosis – the assessment of the birth chart using numbers – reveals how your life story is written by your character.

It reveals how various diseases are attracted; how you can determine the disease predispositions indicated by your chart; and how you can track your progressed aspects to discern when an indicated disease is apt to menace your health.

Stellar dynamics has revolutionized the assessment of your character.

It allows you to perform a stellar diagnosis of your soul to discern your merits, strengths, flaws and imperfections.

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