Good-health management

When managing your own health you should do whatever you think needs to be done.

But it will require reliable information, vigilance and energetic effort.

Good health is always the physical expression of vigorous and harmonious thought-cells within your not-conscious mind.

The harmonious thinking they engage in supports good-health.

Disease is always the expression of weak (low-powered), or discordant thought-cells.

The discordant thinking they engage in inclines towards sickness and disease.

And what’s going on below the threshold of your conscious awareness is revealed to you by your birth chart.

So if you are serious about your health get to know your birth chart.

Birth chart knowledge allows you to know your body’s nutritional needs.

It’s no longer a matter of eating a balanced diet and hoping for the best.

Birth chart knowledge self-empowers.

It allows you to manage your health.

Good-health management

Your body runs on the nutrition provided in the foods you eat so some knowledge of this matter is required.

But the real knowledge that allows you to manage your health comes from your birth chart.

The chart is a reliable map of the mental factors within your not-conscious soul-mind.

It reveals if these mental factors are expressing in a harmonious or discordant manner.

The planets in your chart with discordyne scores mark for thought-cell groups that are predisposed to behave badly and cause harm.

And if this harm is in the form of sickness and disease you can take precautionary measures to prevent its development.

That’s what good-health management is all about.

It’s all about managing your chart’s trouble spots in the interest of a better health outcome.

You just can’t rely on birth chart harmony to get you through.

You need to make sure that your food diet contains the specified nutritional requirements and apply mental antidotes to correct harmful thought-cell activity.

Progressed chart knowledge

Good health management requires progressed chart knowledge.

Birth chart positions chiefly indicate predispositions that only become serious problems when the birth chart marker is activated by progression.

The progression indicates that the thought-cell activity mapped by the planet is being stimulated into activity.

The thought-cells are gaining a tremendous amount of new energy and they’re using this energy to attract an event that’s indicated in your birth chart into your life.

If the event is disease it can only develop when the birth chart planet mapping its predisposition is activated by progression.

Your current diet should support your body’s current nutritional needs as indicated by the dominant progressed aspects in your chart and the thought-cell activity they map.

So good-health management requires birth chart knowledge and the regular monitoring of your progressed chart.

Your birth chart allows you to gain a good understanding of your body and its strengths and weaknesses.

It allows you to be aware of your disease predispositions.

Predisposition doesn’t mean inevitability.

Progressed chart knowledge allows you to know what’s going on.

By taking precautionary measures you can prevent the development of predispositions.

So birth chart and progressed chart knowledge is your most valuable information when it comes to your good-health management.

Author: DW Sutton

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