You and your physical and mental health

If you’re a thinking person you’ll understand that your physical and mental health is a top of mind personal issue.

You’ll also realize that it’s very much your responsibility.

You have a relationship with your physical body and some interest in its welfare.

And if you do the right thing your body will serve you well.

It’s composed of parts – arms, legs, lungs, kidneys, a heart and brain – and its health and wellbeing is dependent upon its functionality.

But you’re very inclined to place too much emphasis on the outer covering.

The really important biochemical activity is taking place under your skin.

So there’s a lot going on that you – the objective observer – can’t see or know about.

You may have realized that your body is as technically sound as your mind which makes your mental health a key issue.

Your thought and feeling world defines a great personal reality.

You have a vested interest in maintaining good physical and mental health.

Yet in the Age of Aquarius so much nutrition knowledge is so vague and general that you’re probably left wondering just what you should and shouldn’t be doing.

Health and disease in the Age of Aquarius

Sickness and its cure or prevention is a major social issue.

Lifestyle has been factored into the life and death equation.

But electronic machines are diagnosing disease and prescribing pills and medications; and the drug that’s keeping you alive is having an adverse side effect.

Geneticists theorize that gene therapy and genetic engineering will prevent sickness and disease and then they want a whole lot more.

By genetically eliminating the aging gene you can stay young, and by eliminating the death gene you can live forever.

Yet many biologists know that’s just fantasy thinking.

They also know that there’s more to disease than a faulty gene.

In the Age of Aquarius there’s a massive amount of food and nutrition knowledge.

Knowledge of vitamins and minerals may have you supplementing your food diet with an all-purpose keep-well pill.

But all this knowledge doesn’t seem to be having a worthwhile outcome.

Diseases that are known to be preventable are widespread and the smartest civilization of all is unable to say no to the fast-foods, cheap juicy calories and second helpings.

There’s an obesity epidemic.

In the Age of Aquarius people exercise to lose weight and look good – not to be healthy.

Body shape and appearance are all that matter.

In the Age of Aquarius gene science promises you excellent health.

The carbohydrate-craving gene is located on chromosome number 11 close to the alcoholism and the cocaine-addiction gene.

But has all this knowledge helped you to manage your physical and mental health?

Your mental and physical health

How can you maintain optimal health?

How can you take control of your physical and mental wellbeing?

How do you transcend the general diet and health information and gain access to self-empowering personal data?

Just how can you learn about your own body chemistry and its special nutritional requirements?

And when it comes to your vitamin and mineral needs just how much do you need and where do you get these vital nutrients?

If you’re a serious health seeker where do you find the information that will allow you to take control of your mental and physical health?

Well, you could try your birth chart and Hermetic astrology’s special field of scientific study known as stellar dietetics.


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