Astrology’s relation to health and disease

Your birth chart is a map of your not-conscious mind or astral body and your physical body is a flesh and blood replica of your astral body.

Hermetic astrology with its knowledge of the astral body applies stellar diagnosis to your birth chart to determine your predispositions in relation to health and disease.

The chart indicates disease predispositions and the preventative measures you can implement.

Astrology’s relation to health and disease is twofold

Firstly it provides a diagnostic function that allows you to assess the general condition of your physical body and the types of diseases or other health problems you are inclined to attract.

And secondly it provides practical measures that you can take to prevent what’s indicated.

If your birth chart indicates poor health you can take steps to antidote the problem factors and if good health is indicated you can take steps to ensure that proper health and wellbeing is maintained.

In respect to your physical health Hermetic astrology considers your food-diet, thought-diet and lifestyle.

The chemistry of your physical body is a chemical replica of the thoughts that constitute your soul or astral body

The physical agents through which this replication takes place are the endocrine glands.

Not-conscious and conscious thought-cell activity stimulates hormonal activity via these glands.

Each gland responds to the not-conscious thought-cell activity mapped by the planets in your birth chart so the chart, being a map of your astral body, allows you to create an endocrine gland profile.

The hormones produced by your endocrine glands are manufactured from nutritional elements that you must provide in your food-diet.

So the planets in your birth chart reveal your endocrine gland profile and the special food-diet that your body needs to maintain chemical balance.

Discordant thinking of a definite type ups the need for special nutritional elements and the application of a thought antidote (treatment) to harmonize the discord.

This occurs when a progressed aspect maps a pronounced deviation to the usual thought-cell activity which causes a pronounced change in the body chemistry.

The deviation signals a need for a special food and thought-diet to counter the potential chemical imbalance and reduce the chance of disease.

The science of progressed aspects reveals what you have to do to maintain good health.

And throughout your life you can maintain good health by accommodating changes to thought-cell activity by introducing special food and thought diets.

Lifestyle is all about your daily living and the type of work you do, the amount of sleep you get and whether you engage in activities that have an adverse affect on your health like drinking alcohol, smoking or taking drugs.

The take-home message

The science of astrology embraces a massive amount of information pertaining to health and disease.

You can use this information to perform a stellar diagnosis of your physical and mental health.

Your birth chart acts as a personal reference.

The planets and signs in the chart with high-discord scores indicate potential health problems.

They map predispositions that can become realities when they’re stimulated by progression.

Author: DW Sutton

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