Stellar dietetics

Stellar means pertaining to the stars.

Dietetics is the branch of knowledge concerned with diet and its effects on health.

Its focus is on a scientific understanding of nutrition and the practical application of the science.

Stellar dietetics combines the science of astrology with the science of nutrition.

The practical application of the information involves the designing and eating of a food-diet that supports your physical health.

The union of birth chart knowledge and nutrition knowledge allows you to design a food-diet that specifically suits your body’s chemistry.

And as progressed aspects signal changes in body chemistry you can adjust your food-diet to accommodate the change.

Your body runs on the foods you eat.

They provide the nutritional elements that your body needs.

Birth chart knowledge

The eating of a healthful diet is in your best interest.

Your birth chart defines your not-conscious thought-cell activity and this, in turn, defines your personal dietary needs.

Birth chart knowledge invites you to change your eating habits.

These changes may be small or large.

If the Sun and Venus have above average power you have an active thyroid gland and this puts the focus on foods that provide a constant supply of iodine.

If Mercury, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto has above average power there’s a need for a constant supply of calcium, vitamin B-1 and vitamin D.

If Mars, Saturn or Pluto has above average power your adrenal glands are active and your diet needs to contain foods that are high in vitamin A, vitamin B-1, vitamin C, iron and a variety of protein foods.

Mars in your birth chart allows you to make a general assessment of your protein needs.

Neptune modifies the need for protein and if he has above average power the need for high-energy foods is increased.

And the Moon allows you to assess your water-salt balance – your tendency to lose or retain fluid – and your need for vitamin B-2.

Jupiter thought-cell activity requires special mention.

He’s decidedly thoughtless.

He lacks discrimination and discernment and is very inclined to eat rich and fatty foods and to over eat.

The result is a weight problem and maybe obesity.

He marks for indiscriminate eating and it’s very widespread.

Under a progressed aspect to Jupiter the common tendency is to eat foods rich in fats and sugars.

Saturn does harm and damage through deficiency.

His high discord thinking – worry, fear, anxiety, despair, grief and sadness – is widespread.

It places a strain on the adrenal glands and through a diet lacking in variety increases the chances of developing a nutritional deficiency.

Under a progressed aspect to Saturn the tendency is to deprive the diet of essential mineral salts and vitamins.

And under a progressed affliction to Mercury the tendency is to avoid the necessary sunlight (vitamin D) and to not eat foods rich in calcium.

The only way that your body can get the sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals it needs, is for you to provide them in your diet.

Your birth chart specifies the basic food-diet your body needs and your progressed chart indicates when modifications will be required.

Author: DW Sutton

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