Basic research

Astrology is based on the theory that the planets and zodiac signs have an influence on life and all the basic pieces of the puzzle have to be understood before they can be put together and unified.

So, basic astrological research is a process of observation and investigation.

It seeks to identify the influence of each individual piece and precisely match it with its psychological or other correlate on the Earth – as above, so below.

Basic – fundamental – astrology attempts to bring order and unity to the classification of astrological information.

Fundamental science

Fundamental science seeks to describe the most basic objects and forces and the basic objects and forces in astrology are the planets and zodiac signs.

So basic astrology attempts to comprehend, through observation and investigation, the thought and character vibrations corresponding to each planet and sign and to understand their influence on human nature.

Basic astrology provides essential first information and represents a genuine yearning to know and understand the part played by the astrology code in the life and consciousness development of every human soul.

Basic astrology

Astrology reduces your nature to its basic parts and there are 36 distinct markers displayed in your birth chart.

The expert astrologer had the task of identifying and matching each marker in your chart with its psychological correlate in your not-conscious mind.

The basic nature of the energy has to predict its elements and when basic factors are combined astrology has to explain and predict their new properties.

In combination, desire energies exhibit characteristics that are more than the sum total of their individual properties.

Very often the properties of a thought merger are difficult to predict, yet the basic astrological elements are always there and can be predicted.

Basic astrological information seeks to explain the astrological environment and its influence on your not-conscious mental world.

Not-conscious thought pulls the strings and directs your life experience.

Your birth chart allows you to assess its influence.

Basic astrology seeks to explain the relationship between your not-conscious soul-mind and birth chart and how astrological events in your birth chart cause changes in your not-conscious thinking which can be predicted.

When the astrological theory is confirmed by statistical analysis and scientific testing you’ve got astrological facts to work with.

Take home messages

Most of our basic astrological knowledge came from the ancients, but modern research has thoroughly investigated their astrological legacy and discarded all the unsubstantiated beliefs and fallacies.

The search for new knowledge is on-going.

Hermetic astrology provides the most accurate and comprehensive data-base of basic astrological knowledge that’s currently available.

In the recent past the endocrine glands, certain diseases, nutritional elements, global trends, weather events and some common abilities have all been matched with their astrological markers.

Author: DW Sutton

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