Making the old astrology scientific

All knowledge is unscientific until it’s demonstrated to be true.

But this doesn’t mean that old knowledge is wrong. It just means that it hasn’t been subject to rigorous examination and testing to confirm its veracity.

The scientific method is a way of testing the validity and reliability of old and new knowledge.

Knowledge acquired by observation, measurement and statistical analysis is called science and due to improvements in the scientific method knowledge is continually updated and discarded.

Old knowledge like the Earth is flat, the stars are holes in the sky and the Sun is orbiting the Earth has been scientifically upgraded.

And with the dawning of Aquarius in 1881 came a request to apply the scientific method to the beliefs and unsubstantiated theories that represented astrology’s knowledge base.

Astrology had to become a science providing people with reliable information on how best to live their lives.

Aquarian age astrology

Aquarian Age astrology had to be based on demonstrated facts; and deductions based on incorrect facts had to be changed to conform to the newly discovered facts.

It had to employ statistical analysis – the most effective way of proving or disproving theories.

Research findings had to be presented as data checks that allowed other astrologers to test the data and draw their own conclusions.

Astrological markers had to be matched with their psychological correlates and the best and worst qualities of each marker had to be identified.

The astrological principles explaining fortune and misfortune had to be determined and new data had to be sorted and classified.

Old and new theories had to be tested using the scientific method.

So how do you make astrological information scientific?

The starting point is a highly qualified research technician who has the expertise to apply the scientific method to astrological data.

Next is an accurately constructed chart that’s based on almost accurate birth data.

The matching of character traits and behaviors with their astrological correlates is primarily an observational exercise.

The statistical analysis of occupations and events requires a large number of timed birth charts and their case histories.

A case history documents a person’s life story in terms of ability development, likes and dislikes, and major life events and when they occurred.

And when a hundred charts that follow the same occupation – like an engineer – or experience the same event – like getting married – are collected the research technician is in a position to analyze the factors that are common to the specified matter in each of the one hundred charts.

By statistically analyzing large numbers of charts life trends, occupations and major life events can be matched with their astrological markers.

Old and new theories can be tested by applying the scientific method to a sufficient number of birth charts.

When markers are given number values their relative strength and functionality can be measured.

These values are the result of mathematics being applied to the mathematical structure known as the birth chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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