The scientific pursuit of advanced knowledge

Astrology should progress, and progress demands adequate adaptation to new conditions as they arise, and the use of new information.

The science of astrology includes all the key understandings of the way astrology works and excludes anything that contradicts them.

Research attempts to get to the truth of a matter.

Unreliable theories are built on sand.

So, instead of blindly accepting beliefs and ancient astrological traditions Hermetic astrology employs statistical research to dispel doubt.

It’s not easy.

The more complex the matter being investigated the less solid the evidence.

And life and human behavior are very complex and variable.

Advanced knowledge requires research and development

The advancement of knowledge requires research and development.

Research is the systematic investigation, and analytical examination, of a particular subject.

The practical work attempts to discover new knowledge.

The new knowledge is judged by its benefits and practical usefulness.

Research sets the record straight.

It dispels popular misconceptions.

Scientific astrological research seeks to provide advanced knowledge that contributes to human welfare.

It shows you how to live better.

The attainment of mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing requires advanced knowledge.

Astrological research at a macro and micro level is vital to your health and prosperity.

It holds the key to the advancement of your intelligence and ability.

Research advances knowledge.

It’s essential if we are to understand astrology, the birth chart and the future.

The science of astrology must be evidence-based

The science of astrology must not be based on blind belief or theory.

It must be based upon demonstrated facts.

If new facts are discovered which disprove accepted deductions then these deductions must be changed to conform to the new demonstrated facts.

As a self-science astrology provides advanced knowledge that supports the highest level of personal development and individuals should not be deprived of the opportunity to access the information.

The function of astrological research is to give scientific credibility to the advanced knowledge.

When you’re the custodian of advanced knowledge you’re obliged to inform the public.

You must tell the public the truth.


Astrological science openly invites new ideas and theories.

There are valuable discoveries yet to be made.

An open and transparent astrological community provides the best opportunity for the discovery and testing of new astrological facts.

To know means to have knowledge and the Age of Aquarius will be guided – rightly or wrongly – by information acquired by the scientific method.

Scientific research in every field of endeavor will provide advanced knowledge and technology that will guide the future.

This includes advanced astrological knowledge.

Hermetic astrology has established rules and principles that facilitate scientific astrology research.

The employment of measurement and statistics will dispel all future doubt as to what is and what isn’t factual astrological knowledge.

A tolerance for error will be required when judging the degree of accuracy of a specified birth chart.

New research can replicate or refine previous research, disprove a currently held principle or discover a new astrological fact.

It’s the quality of the evidence that distinguishes good science from bad.

The Brotherhood of Light astrological research department has paved the way.

And you can test its advanced astrological knowledge for yourself by accepting our invitation to assess your own birth chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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