You, the fact-checker

You’re part of the natural world.

It’s your partner in the dance of life and you have the right to know everything there is to know about your dancing partner.

The planets and the universe are part of your natural world, but it’s highly likely that you have never investigated astrology to confirm the belief, held by many, that the planets and zodiac signs exert an influence on your life.

You have probably heard that scientific experts, with no knowledge of astrology, reckon that astrological energies cannot influence human or other life.

Based on flimsy evidence they have concluded that life does not require a non-physical super life-force. Your brain is all that is needed.

Matter can animate itself. Genetic activity and electrochemical phenomena explain everything. But are these claims reliable?

Have you done a fact-check to verify their truthfulness?

Bad science

Orthodox science claims that astrological energies do not influence life without thoroughly investigating the available evidence. That’s bad science motivated by fear and ignorance.

The idea that life is influenced by astrological energies might seem ridiculous to the rational thinker with a materialistic agenda, but the idea can be turned into a hypothesis and tested.

Great scientific thinkers once concluded that the Earth was flat.

As a thinking person you have questions.

How does my brain’s electrochemical activity become a dynamic thought experience for me, the thinker?

Why does my mind respond to experience in the way it does?

Why do I perceive some events as pleasant and some as unpleasant?

And why do I experience the events and conditions I do?

You have no interest in weird science. Too much scientific data fails the usefulness test.

When you’re dying of thirst the knowledge that there is plenty of good drinking water in a well at the end of South Street isn’t very helpful if you don’t know where South Street is.

The truth is that the scientific community has never investigated astrology. It knows nothing about astrology.

Biologists don’t know how to calculate and construct a birth chart.

Orthodox science has never provided any evidence to prove that astrological energies do not influence human or other life.

The science of astrology is a no-knowledge zone for the world’s leading biologists, physicists, psychologists and astronomers.

You, the fact-checker

Reality is all around you. You observe phenomena and make important discoveries. You take mental pictures and check them with reality. And your birth chart is a two-dimensional picture of you and your life that you can use to check your personal reality.

The chart, which is calculated for your time, date and place of birth, captures a natural event.

The planets in the chart are located by sign and house.

The chart reveals your character and how you got to be who you are.

This inside information can only be revealed to you, the thinker.

No outside observer can assess your birth chart and know what it is like to be you. But you, the fact-checker, can.

As a self-scientist you can test Hermetic astrology’s knowledge.

It’s only by evaluating the evidence provided by your birth chart that you can learn the truth regarding the science of Hermetic astrology.

Author: DW Sutton

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