Fact-checking traditional beliefs

In 1881 the world’s astrological knowledge wasn’t scientific or evidence-based.

This doesn’t mean it was wrong.

It just means that it was accepted on faith and supposition.

It was a state of affairs that Aquarius found totally unsatisfactory.

Knowledge was the objective and reliable knowledge can only be acquired through observation, scientific research and thorough testing.

So, all the previously held traditional astrological beliefs had to be put through the scientific wringer.

There were so many untested assumptions.

The birth chart contained planets, zodiac signs, fixed stars, nodes and parts.

And it was presumed that each had an astrological influence and a role to play in the assessment of a person’s life via their birth chart.

Fact checking traditional astrological teaching

An astrological fact-checker is a person with high-level astrological skills.

S/he’s qualified to investigate and determine the veracity and correctness of traditional astrological teachings through thorough testing in the laboratory of life.

This requires almost accurately timed birth charts.

The job requires more than a general knowledge of astrology.

It’s a job that can’t be done by fortune-tellers.

Traditional astrological beliefs can be investigated by observation.

It’s not difficult to correlate the traits and characteristics of a person born on a certain date with their Sun-sign.

But there’s more to astrology than the Sun-sign.

Brotherhood of Light fact-checking

The Brotherhood of Light is custodian of the Hermetic system of astrology.

It has never accepted astrological data on mere assumption, but it wasn’t going to dismiss previously held beliefs without giving them a thorough testing.

The end result was a birth chart that only displayed planets and zodiac signs that had a proven astrological influence.

The birth chart used in Hermetic astrology does not display the Moon’s nodes, fixed stars, Arabian Points or asteroids.

The Moon’s nodes are not planets.

They have no psychological correlate within the soul or character.

The vibrations transmitted by the fixed stars have no influence in natal astrology.

According to Ptolemy these stars are assigned varying natures.

Ptolemy was an authority on the teachings of the first astrologers.

There are many Arabian Points.

The most popular is the Part of Fortune.

It is not a planet.

It has no correspondence as an aspect.

The Moon’s nodes, fixed stars and Arabian Points are used by fortune-tellers to divine the future.

But scientific astrology isn’t fortune-telling.

Scientific astrology assesses the progressed chart to determine future trends using a method that’s been observed and tested by astrological research.

Fact-checking involves research

Fact-checking traditional astrological teachings was critical to our understanding of astrology.

The largest fact-checking project ever carried out on astrology was conducted by the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department between 1924 and 1954.

That’s when much of the old astrology was discredited.

The time the astrological research was done isn’t important.

A scientific fact is a fact for all time.

Hermetic astrology provides you with the facts of astrology and exposes the lies and misinformation being spread by others.  

And you can test these facts for yourself when you apply them when assessing your own chart.

Author: DW Sutton

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