Fact-checking previous research

Now more than ever there’s a pressing need to verify the accuracy of the original Brotherhood of Light astrological research.

Investigation into the original research method reveals that it has a credibility problem.

The research may have been compromised by high-level uncertainty and personal bias.

It would have difficulty passing the rigorous research standards set by modern science.

This situation was recognized at the time.

In 1946, driven by the need to replace subjective assessment with objective measurement, the astrodynes were developed.

This was after much of the original research work had been completed.

Astrodynes reliably measure the strength and functionality of each planet, aspect, sign and house in an almost accurate birth chart.

They eliminate uncertainty and personal bias.

They need to be introduced into a new research model that permits the checking of previous research to determine its validity.

New astrodyne-based statistical research is needed to prove or disprove the findings of the original astrological research.

Statistical astrological research requires a new beginning where astrodynes and measurement play the lead role.

The scientific search for astrological truths

The purpose of scientific research is to provide truthful knowledge.

Truth is the conforming of cognition to reality.

It liberates people and sets them free.

When you grasp truth you feel liberated and empowered.

It allows you to take control of your life.

Between 1924 and 1954 the Brotherhood/Church of Light conducted a massive amount of statistical research.

It provides you with scientifically credible and useful information.

During this golden age of astrology Elbert Benjamine and his team of research workers went in search of scientific astrological data.

They dove into the astrological landscape and came back with scientific facts.

They developed and employed scientific research techniques.

They developed a research methodology that is well worth investigating.

But astrological research is not static.

New and better research methods can be developed.

There’s a need to fact-check the previous research using a research model grounded in astrodynes.

This will require innovation and creativity.

The reliability of the knowledge acquired by the original research needs to be checked with the knowledge acquired by new research that employs almost accurate birth charts and measurement.

This will result in knowledge that’s more reliable.

Hermetic astrology’s knowledge base provides a foundation for future knowledge and to fulfill its progressive destiny astrology must from time to time add new material to its existing superstructure.

Fact-checking previous research will do just that.

Author: DW Sutton

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