What is global astrology?

Global or mundane astrology is the branch of astrology devoted to the study of the planets and zodiac signs as they affect the world, nations, cities, communities, organizations and groups of people.

Global means pertaining to or involving the whole world; and mundane means relating to the world or worldly events.

Countries, states, cities and groups are functioning entities.

They’re communities of people.

And the character of a country, state or city as a functioning whole is defined by its birth chart.

Major events affecting a country, state or city occur as progressed aspects form in its chart.

Global astrology is the study of these charts.

The Aquarian Age chart

The Aquarian Age chart is a world chart.

It provides humanity with a blueprint for living that’s defined by Aquarius, the sign of knowledge, evidence-based science, human rights, altruism, squabbles and argumentation.

Each country has its own Aquarian Age chart that operates in a political, economic, social, moral and religious environment that’s defined by local customs, beliefs and traditions.

As the planets in the chart move through the zodiac signs they form progressed aspects that influence national and international affairs.

Global astrology studies the Aquarian Age chart to discern the major events and developments affecting humanity’s mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Sign transits and aspects in the sky

The planets in the sky by their sign locations and aspects influence the trend of world affairs.

The mundane matters and activities ruled by a zodiac sign are given a special trend by a major planet as it transits the sign.

The major planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

Events pertaining to the mundane matters and activities ruled by the planets occur as they form aspects in the sky.

Global astrology tracks what’s going on in the astrological sky.

Global astrology in the Age of Aquarius

Once upon a time kings, queens and military leaders took advice from their astrological advisors.

The time to start a military offensive was always carefully selected and God was always acknowledged as a key participant in what eventuated – but not anymore.

Adolf Hitler and Ronald Reagan took astrological advice, but in the 21st-century Presidents, Prime Ministers and Chancellors no longer require the services of an astrologer.

The global astrologer has been sidelined by economic, military and other experts who know nothing about the planets in the sky and the role they play in global affairs.

You can watch the events forecast by the Aquarian Age chart, the global cycle charts and the aspects formed by the planets in the sky on your computer screen, smart phone or tablet and this puts you in the know.

But making sense of what they mean is another matter.

Reading or listening to journalists, analysts and other experts providing specialist commentary doesn’t help much.

With unlimited diversity of opinion two experts can see the same crisis differently and make their diametrically opposing views sound so logical and plausible.

But a basic knowledge of global astrology will allow you to assess the situation here on Earth for yourself.

It provides data that’s crucial to your understanding of the world today.

So you won’t need the services of an expert commentator.

Author: DW Sutton

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