Scientific global astrology

Global astrology is the scientific study of astrological charts that influence global events and developments.

It’s primarily an observational science.

The charts – as forecast models – describe and explain what’s going on here on Earth.

Events move along the time dimension and what’s happening here below reflects an event or condition that currently exists as a potential in the sky or a global astrology chart.

The vibrational influence of the planets reaching the Earth through space causes changes to the Earth’s environment.

The role of the global astrologer is to assess the astrological conditions, articulate what’s going on and forecast an outcome.

Your local weather forecaster assesses a weather map to forecast current and upcoming weather trends and events and a global astrology forecaster assesses a global chart to forecast current and upcoming global events.

Making global astrology scientific

Global astrology became scientific when the charts that comprised its knowledge-base were scientifically tested to determine their validity and the precise role they played in the proceedings here on Earth.

Each chart was subject to observation, systematic research and testing.

Global astrology became scientific when the role played by the planets in global affairs was observed.

An event on Earth that coincided with an astrological event in the sky or in a global chart was investigated and researched.

With enough research it was matched with its astrological correlate.

Using the same process that’s involved in matching your physical traits with their genetic markers, the life-matters and activities that comprise the global agenda were matched with their astrological markers.

Global astrology became scientific when the data gathered by investigative research was compiled into a knowledge-base.

Scientific global knowledge permits future forecasting and prediction.

Scientific global astrology

A global astrology chart is a forecast model that describes and explains what’s likely to occur here on Earth. 

The astrological event in the sky or global astrology chart is an energy event that exists as a potential.

Scientific global astrology tracks and measures changes in the astral atmosphere to determine the events and conditions these changes are likely to produce.

It claims that the environmental circumstances here on Earth have an equal influence on what’s likely to occur.

An indicated event cannot be seen as inevitable.

Scientific global research observes that an astrological event in a cycle chart doesn’t always produce a noticeable event here on Earth.

It claims that a global astrology chart can forecast a type of event and when it can occur but it can’t locate the event or its precise details.

A global astrology chart doesn’t explain the background details that define a current global problem or its causes and solutions.

It leaves these matters to experts and politicians here on Earth.

Author: DW Sutton

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