Event forecasting

The world today is an emerging reality that’s defined by the signs in the sky and global astrology charts.

They’re driving political, economic and social change but developments are moving so fast that keeping up with what’s going on is virtually impossible.

Global astrology operates in a rapidly changing playing field.

Technology in particular is driving social change.

Global astrology charts permit event forecasting and the assessment of long time trends. It’s not difficult.

To understand the practical aspects of global astrology does not require a thorough knowledge of its technicalities.

You don’t have to be an expert technician to know its practical influence on the here and now.

Global charts

The Aquarian Age chart, the charts of countries and global cycle charts serve the same purpose as a weather chart that your local weather forecaster uses to forecast your daily weather conditions.

A weather map provides evidence on which a weather forecast is based and a global astrology chart provides evidence on which a global event forecast is based.

Astrological energies, in their various combinations, operate from a high-speed realm that is known as the inner-plane.

What’s going on there is defined as inner-plane weather conditions.

They affect groups, cities, nations and world affairs and, as a participant in what’s going on – you.

Global charts are forecast models that serve a definite purpose.

Event forecasting

A reliable event forecast requires a clear understanding of the astrological conditions and the environmental setting in which they operate.

You can’t rely on the forecast model to reveal the whole story.

The environmental setting facilitates some events and negates others.

Violence is more likely to erupt in a known trouble spot.

The availability of guns increases the risk of shootings.

Some places are very dangerous and this increases the risk of danger.

On the other hand some countries have a reduced risk of violence and danger.

The environment can move an event shown by a forecast model to a time that facilitates its occurrence.

Forest fires – a Mars event – are more inclined to occur during hot summer months and a cyclone can only occur in a region that is prone to experience cyclones.

Astrological energies operate through people so events on Earth, except for those involving the weather and nature, are caused by human behavior.

It’s not set in cement.

So the energy event, pictured in a global chart, is not a sure thing simply because the human behavior it’s inclined to incite is not inevitable.

The take home message

Global astrology does not make precise predictions.

A forecast model reveals that a definite volume of planetary energy with a definite volume of harmony or discord will impact the Earth during a specified time-frame that defines its forecast period.

Astrological energies operate through people so events on Earth, except for those involving the weather and nature, always involve human actors.

Their behavior isn’t inevitable – it can be changed.

Keeping up to date with a rapidly changing national and international situation isn’t easy.

Author: DW Sutton

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