Prediction in global astrology

Global – mundane – astrology is not divination.

Divination is the act of foretelling future events by means of augury or an alleged supernatural agency.

In most instances this agency is extrasensory perception and the accurate description that ESP can give an event is only limited by the ability of the user – seer or fortune-teller.

Global astrology deals with the impact of astrological energies on groups of people so, to determine what is most likely to happen, you need to know about these energies, the people on whom they are operating and their current environmental circumstances.

Progressed aspects in cycle charts map astrological advantages and disadvantages so it is always a matter of weighing up the forces as they influence character operating on environment.

A progressed aspect has a start, peak and finish date so its energy flow and tipping point can be charted.

From the aspects forming in a cycle chart you can give the date when an event of a given planetary type will occur, but there is a decided limit as to what can be reliably forecast.

The philosophy of prediction

Hermetic astrology teaches that events are favored, but not foreordained by astrological energies.

Scientific astrology does not claim to make precise predictions.

It cannot predict that a suicide bomber will strike at a certain place, at a certain time, on a certain day, killing a certain number of people.

An accurate picture of what to expect from the astrological conditions mapped in a chart must consider the physical conditions in which it operates.

The physical environment at a specified time facilitates some events and negates others.

A progressed aspect in a global chart forecasts and times an event but knowing where it will occur is another matter.

That’s too big an ask, but with a thorough knowledge of what’s going on around the world you can get pretty close. 

If a global chart forecasts an earthquake it’s likely to occur in an earthquake zone but where exactly?

A global chart can predict major events and turning points – even sudden, runaway change.

An astrological event in the sky can predict a critical moment in a complex situation.

The discovery of Pluto in 1930 predicted a critical transition but the forecasters in 1930 could never have foreseen the world we have today.

The signs in the sky and global charts are very good at sending warning signs but there’s little chance of the warning being heeded.

Prediction in global astrology

Prediction in global astrology is not guess work or fortune-telling.

It’s the scientific assessment of the signs in the sky and the energy events occurring in global astrology charts.

Global charts are good forecast models.

They map events of a specified type that are easy to forecast.

But don’t expect precise details or where an event will occur.

The world is a complex place.

There are lots of places where things can go wrong.

So a good understanding of what’s going on around the world is helpful.

Long-range prediction is impossible because the playing field is always changing.

And always remember that when the accuracy of your forecast has reached the limit of your expertise it’s time to say I don’t know.

Author: DW Sutton

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