How global astrology works

The planets and zodiac signs define a dynamic astrological environment that guides and influences what happens here on Earth.

The planets are God’s agents and human beings (and other life forms) are the planet’s agents.

In global astrology human actors are the receivers of planetary energy.

They’re the agents who produce events and conditions, except for those involving the weather and nature, but they are not the only players in the game.

Nations and cities have birth charts which reveal their degree of receptivity to planetary energy.

It’s all a matter of receptivity

People and countries have different levels of receptivity to a stream of planetary energy.

And the function of global astrology is to indicate the degree of receptivity to whatever energies are being broadcast from the sky.

In the absence of reliable birth charts for countries it primarily relies on cycle charts and aspects in the sky charts to furnish this valuable data.

These charts reveal to what extent the not-conscious minds of the people are responsive to a specific planetary energy and the departments of life its influence will chiefly influence.

The birth charts of the human actors who produce events reveal their level of receptivity to a particular stream of planetary energy.

Astrodyne power measures the level of receptivity

In a country’s chart, a cycle chart or the chart of a human actor the level of receptivity to a specified planetary energy is measured by its astrodyne power in the chart.

The chart has an average power score and any planet with above average power indicates an above average level of receptivity to the planet’s energy.

All the people within a country are not equally receptive to what is being broadcast from the sky at a specified time.

Some individuals have a very low level of reception; others who are tuned in on another planetary vibration hardly notice it all; while others pick up the energies in tremendous volume.

It’s those people who respond markedly to a particular planet’s vibrations who largely determine the effect the energy has on the country.

Progressed aspects facilitate reception

To pick up the planetary energy in high volume there must be a progressed aspect to that planet in the birth chart.

This response is at a not-conscious level.

The progressed aspect maps a stellar aerial which readily picks up the energies of the two planets involved.

This energy is conducted immediately to the character factors mapped in the birth chart by the planets and they influence the actor’s thinking and what they do and experience.

Human behavior tends to replicate the quality of its astrological correlate.

The world today is a not-conscious reality where reasoned thought plays a minute role in what eventuates.

America, Australia and Mars

The birth chart of a country may make its people particularly receptive to one type of planetary energy and not another.

The receptivity to a stream of planetary energy, as indicated by a major conjunction aspect in the sky, is not the same in all regions of the globe.

The birth charts of America and Australia reveal a quite different level of receptivity to Mars energy which explains their quite different experiences with guns and gun violence (Mars).

This doesn’t mean that Australia doesn’t experience Mars events it just indicates that America, due to its very high level of receptivity to Mars energy, is much more inclined to experience strife, conflict and violence whenever there is a Mars conjunction aspect in the sky.

Author: DW Sutton

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