Total solar eclipse: December 14, 2020

On December 14, 2020 the Moon will pass between the Earth and Sun and at around 1.00pm local time parts of Chile and Argentina will plunge into total darkness for just over 2 minutes. 

The total eclipse is visible from Chile and some parts of Argentina and a partial solar eclipse is visible from most countries in South America (Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Peru etc), south-west Africa and Antarctica.

Map of eclipse path

The theory of eclipses

In 2020 the theory of eclipses, based on a small amount of scientific research, is vague and imprecise. It proposes that within a few months, before or after an eclipse, a disaster will afflict a populated region that experiences the blacking out of the Sun.

The theory doesn’t specify the type of disaster – whether natural or manmade – its magnitude, precise location or the date it is likely to occur. But the type of disaster can be discerned from the nature of the planets that aspect the Sun-Moon eclipse event.

Eclipse data

The December 14, 2020 eclipse is conjunction Mercury – planet of controversy and wind; trine Mars – planet of accidents, fires and emergencies; sesquisquare Uranus – planet of disruption, change, civil unrest and disturbances; and square Neptune – planet of aviation, drugs, confusion and chaos.

It’s occurring at a busy time in the sky with Jupiter conjunction Pluto on November 12; Jupiter conjunction Saturn on December 21; and Mars conjunction Uranus on January 20, 2021.

And with so much going on within the eclipse forecast period identifying events pertaining to the eclipse could be tricky.


The eclipse reaches Chile at 1.01pm CLST and Santiago is almost blacked out by a partial solar eclipse at 1.00.07pm CLST.  

The Sagittarius new-Moon occurs at 1.16.35pm CLST, Santiago, Chile.

Chile’s December 14, 2020 new-Moon chart

Chart data is December 14, 2020 at 1.16.35pm CLST (33S27; 70W40 - Santiago)

Knowledge of Chile’s current political, economic and social circumstances and common climatic-weather conditions provides essential data that’s required for a reliable eclipse forecast and prediction.

No planet in house 4 of the eclipse-new Moon chart may reduce the potential for a natural disaster. Whatever... the eclipse event will have national significance so it may only get scant coverage by the international media.

Chile in 2020

In July 2020 the coronavirus crisis and simmering discontent over inequality and a neoliberal economic model brought Chile to the brink of a major political crisis. The country has weathered the covid-19 economic recession better than most Latin American countries. As at October 19, 2020 its covid-19 case count was 493,000 and its death toll was 13,600.

In October 2019 civil protests erupted across Chile in response to a raise in Santiago’s subway fare and general increased costs of living. The pandemic brought the protests and street rallies to an end.

A national referendum will be held on October 25, 2020. Chileans will vote on two questions: do you want a new constitution and what type of convention should draft the new constitution.

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Chile is threatened by volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis (due to its extensive coastline), floods, avalanches, and forest and urban fires.

Eclipse event

October 25: Chileans vote overwhelmingly in support of rewriting their constitution. President Sebastian Piñera acknowledges the result and praises the peaceful vote. The history making change was signposted by the total solar eclipse on December 14, 2020. The mass anti-government protest movement that kick-started the demand for a new constitution was signposted by the total solar eclipse on July 2, 2019. In both instances the shadow of the eclipse falling across Chile signalled major change. The vote on October 25, 2020 was within 2 months of the eclipse on December 14, 2020.


All the major cities in Argentina will experience a partial solar eclipse.

Buenos Aires is almost blacked out at 1.32.18pm ART. The Sagittarius new-Moon occurs there at 1.16.35pm ART.

Argentina’s Sagittarius new-Moon chart

Chart data is December 14, 2020 at 1.16.35pm ART (34S36; 58N27 - Buenos Aires)

Knowledge of the current situation in Argentina and the countries climatic-weather conditions provides data necessary for reliable eclipse prediction.

No planet in house 4 of the eclipse-new Moon chart may reduce the potential for a natural disaster. And as the eclipse event only has national importance it may not get international media coverage.

Argentina in 2020

Argentina regularly finds itself in a debt crisis. In 2020 the economy was ravaged by covid-19-related restrictions. Domestic demand dived amid business closures, sour economic sentiment, climbing unemployment, elevated inflation and high interest rates. 

Many northern provinces suffer from seasonal flooding. Flash floods can occur during heavy rains in other areas, such as the province of Buenos Aires. This can lead to disruption to transport and delivery of foodstuffs. The Copahue Volcano on the Argentina/Chile border erupts every so often.

Eclipse event (with Jupiter conjunction Saturn and Pluto in the sky)

November 17, 2020: Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announces he will bring a new bill on legalizing abortion to Congress, re-opening a debate that has bitterly divided (Pluto) the traditionally Catholic (Jupiter-Saturn) South American nation.

It’s a public health issue and in Argentina’s eclipse chart Mars (abortion) is in house 1 (public health). 

December 30, 2020: Argentina legalizes abortion (Jupiter) by a Senate vote of 38 to 29, with one abstention. It’s a first for a big country in Latin America and a triumph for women’s rights campaigners over the visceral objection of the Catholic Church (Jupiter).

The eclipse and you

The eclipse has a mundane influence on the land region where the eclipse shadow falls so even if you live in Chile or Argentina the eclipse will have no influence on you personally.

If you happen to be involved in an event attributed to the eclipse your personal experience will be defined and timed by the progressed aspects operating in your chart at the time.

Author: DW Sutton

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