Eclipse events report.

The eclipse occurred June 21, 2020 and was square Mars (conflict and soldiers) and inconjunct Saturn (storms, floods and plagues).

May 20, 2020: Super cyclone Ampham makes landfall in the Bay of Bengal unleashing ferocious winds and rain. It’s the first super storm to form in the Bay of Bengal since 1999.

The storm brought winds of up to 115 m/ph (185 km/h) and surging waters as high as 16 feet to low-lying areas of India and Bangladesh. Bangladesh experienced a partial eclipse of the Sun.

Nearly 3 million people were evacuated from their homes (house 4) and schools (house 5) and other buildings (house 4) were turned into shelters. But social distancing measures (Saturn) made mass evacuations and rescue efforts more difficult for authorities.

Homes were destroyed and trees uprooted in both India and Bangladesh including the Indian city of Kolkata in West Bengal. Initial reports put the death toll at 15.

May 27: The temperature in India’s capital, New Delhi, hits 47.6C (118F) as most of north India faces severe heat wave conditions (Mars); and huge swarms of desert locusts destroy crops (house 4) in central and western India in the country’s worst plague (Saturn) in three decades.

June 15: India and China have their first deadly clashes (Mars) in 45 years when 20 Indian soldiers (Mars) are killed by Chinese troops (Mars) at a disputed (Mars) border site.

Mars in India’s eclipse chart was in house 6 (army and soldiers) and was cusp ruler of house 3 (China); and in China’s chart Mars was the cusp ruler of house 6. Saturn was in house 3 (India).

(In India’s Mars-Neptune conjunction chart Mars and Neptune were in house 3 (China) and in China’s chart Mars was the cusp ruler of house 3 (India); and in India’s chart progressed Mars was conjunction progressed Pluto in house 3.)

China: Widespread floods (Saturn) and mudslides (Saturn) since June 1, 2020, have affected more than 2.6 million people in China’s southern and central regions, resulting in an increasing number of fatalities and damages. 

As of June 14, at least 18 people have died (house 8), two are missing, and approximately 230 000 have been displaced. Hundreds of homes (house 4) and thousands of hectares of crops (house 4) have been destroyed. Economic losses are estimated at more than $500 million.

Continuous torrential rain (Saturn) triggered the burst of Lijiang River, with its peak water level hitting about 147 m (482 feet), surpassing the warning line. Officials added that 110 rivers in eight regions also swelled to the above-flood stage. Saturn was the cusp ruler of house 4 in China’s eclipse chart.

June 30: China’s parliament passes drastic (Pluto) new national security laws (house 9) for Hong Kong, setting the stage for the most radical changes to the former British colony’s way of life since it returned to Chinese rule 23 years ago. (Event also involved Jupiter conjunction Pluto in the sky.)

Author: DW Sutton

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