Global astrology

Enhance your knowledge and understanding

The Age of Aquarius commenced January 19, 1881.

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age Saturn and Uranus drive the political agenda.

A country’s Sun cycle chart provides a forecast model of general events and conditions for the chart’s 12 month duration.

Each planet in the Sun cycle chart has a distinct influence on mundane matters.

Each house in a global astrology chart marks for a sector of the mundane agenda. House 1: The people and their disposition, personal interests, hea

In global astrology they define the time-frame during which a major event can occur.

Scientific global astrology does not make precise predictions.

Knowledge advances when evidence-based facts replace unsubstantiated beliefs.

Environment facilitates some events and thwarts others.

There’s a theory to test and the methodology is easy.

History reveals they herald earth-shaking moments.

People dominated by anger, confrontation and belligerence cause strife, dissension, conflict and warfare.

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