The Sun cycle

The astrological year commences when the Sun – at a specified time and date – enters the zodiac sign Aries.

A chart calculated for this time/date data and the geographical coordinates of a country’s administrative capital gives a universal energy event a unique format.  The planets by their house positions in the chart give distinct trends to specified areas of mundane life.

A country’s Sun cycle chart defines an emerging energy potential that expresses in an environmental setting that’s defined by its current political, economic and social circumstances.

It’s a birth chart – or forecast model – of the year giving a general picture of the events affecting each area of its mundane agenda during the astrological year. So a universal energy event is influencing each country differently and a country’s Sun cycle chart defines its national trends for the chart’s twelve month duration.

A country’s future is the outcome of its Sun cycle chart operating on the here and now. So, accurate forecasting simply requires a clear understanding of the chart and the environmental setting in which it operates.

Chart hot-spots

Any planet that aspects the Sun has its influence upgraded, but it’s the planets, aspects and houses with high astrodyne scores in a designated chart that reveal where the action is during the astrological year.

A house that contains two, three or more planets has a high astrodyne score and this marks for and forecasts important house-specific events.

Chart assessment

A specified Sun cycle shows what’s in store during the following 12 months but a detailed assessment of the chart serves little purpose. Knowledge of the trend indicated by a planet in a house is sufficient.

We know from close observation that a planet defines the nature of the event that’s mapped by the house in which it is located. But the news media, which reports and comments on events and development, does not specifically define astrological reality as its depicted in Sun cycle charts.

In some countries there are national and state agendas and national and local events and in a 24 hour news cycle and a very competitive news media market the number of events keeps on escalating. But most events provide sensation and novelty. They relieve boredom. They don’t change history.

The Sun cycle plays second fiddle to the major cycle charts

The Sun cycle paints, in broad brush strokes, a general picture of every kind of event during the astrological year but the big major events are mapped by the major cycle charts.

The Mars cycle chart maps and times the most important strife, violence and accident events. Mars is the planet of conflict, disputation and urgency.

The Jupiter cycle chart maps and times the most important financial events. Jupiter is the planet of trade, courts, law matters and religion.

The Saturn cycle chart maps and times the most important work, hardship and security events. Saturn is the planet of conservatism, poverty and disease.

The Uranus cycle chart maps and times the most important radical-change events. Uranus is the planet of discontentment, civil unrest, protests and reform.

The Neptune cycle chart maps and times the most important scheme events. Neptune is the planet of exaggeration, fraud, oil, gas, drugs and aviation.

And the Pluto cycle chart maps and times the most important group-cooperation events. Pluto is the planet of division, coercion, crime and misinformation.

Progressions in the Sun cycle chart

Progressions in global – mundane – astrology charts refer to the daily transit positions of the planets in the sky; and during the astrological year events mapped in the Sun cycle occur as progressed Sun by transit forms aspects with the planets, ascendant or Midheaven in the chart.

The main aspects to track are the conjunction, parallel, opposition, square and trine. 

These aspects mark for events that involve and influence – for better or worse – the mundane matters ruled by the house where the planet aspected by the Sun is located.

But rather than mapping independent events Sun aspects in the Sun cycle can fine-tune the timing of events mapped by aspects in the major cycle charts. 

Important events occur under an accumulative build-up of energy and a Sun aspect in the Sun cycle can indicate an energy tipping point.

Major events of the Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto type occur as these planets form progressed aspects in their respective cycle charts.

So if there’s an aspect to Mars in the Sun cycle and a Mars energy event in the Mars cycle the Mars aspect in the Sun cycle can time the Mars event in the Mars cycle; and if there’s an aspect to Uranus in the Sun cycle and a Uranus energy-event in the Uranus cycle the Uranus aspect in the Sun cycle can time the event in the Uranus cycle.

Event tracking in the Sun cycle chart

Events can be tracked using reliable news services. This allows you to correlate events with their astro-markers, but in these fast-changing times it’s not easy keeping track of current events and developments.

There are so many inconsequential news stories and a frantic race to report breaking news. Amidst the important political, economic, violence, conflict and tragedy news there’s a lot of sensational-novelty being reported and you’re left trying to make sense of it all.

And the news media doesn’t explicitly identify discord. It reports events – some good, some bad – and the fast reporting of an event doesn’t define its importance, relevance or harmony or discord.

Discord events involve misfortune, destruction, adversity, setbacks, problems and difficulties. Common violence events and other bad stuff indicate destructive social-cultural trends that need fixing.

Harmony expresses as fortunate events, beneficial conditions, cordial relations and success.

Author: DW Sutton

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