Astro-observing Earth’s mundane agenda

Global astrology charts play a key role in defining what happens here on Earth. They’re forecast models and event timers and astro-observing (AO) refers to the collection and assessment of the information they provide as it pertains to events and developments here on Earth – humanity’s mundane agenda.

Life on Earth, like scenes in a movie, is continuous. Continuity is how things work in real time when they are in sync. ‘Sync’ is short for synchronize and if things are in sync, they’re working together at exactly the same time.

Events and developments here on Earth are synchronized in power, harmony or discord with their parents in the sky or global astrology charts. Planet Earth is synchronized with God’s great astrology code.

Life on Earth travels along the fourth dimension of time – the realm of astrological energies – and now for the first time humanity has access to extraordinary Aquarian Age knowledge. 

Historically humanity has never had access to reliable mundane astrology charts. It was only when Elbert Benjamine and the Brotherhood of Light astrological research department tested ancient beliefs using the scientific method that the charts that defined and timed mundane events here on Earth were discovered. Elbert and his colleagues transformed Piscean Age beliefs into Aquarian Age knowledge.

Global astrology charts are astral images that provide data pertaining to mundane trends; but, as the astrological environment and the playing field here on Earth are always changing reliable, long range prediction is impossible.

Each country has a set of global charts and the astro-trends indicated by a specified country’s charts influence events and developments pertaining to its political, economic, business, social and religious agenda.

Astro-observation in practice

In 2022 astro-observation proves that events here on Earth bear the nature and characteristics of the planets; and that their potential to produce fortunate or unfortunate events is determined by their harmonious or discordant alignments with other planets in a specified global chart.

A progressed aspect in an AO chart is an energy-event that has a forecast period during which the event forecast by the chart can occur. The event a specified chart forecasts is mapped by the house or houses in the chart influenced by the energy-event defined by the planets.

All mundane events pertain to the houses in a global AO chart.

Astro-observations could be used by governments, economists, police forces, private industry, farmers etc to guide endeavor, monitor economic cycles, prepare for disaster and even prevent calamity. All sectors of a nation could benefit.

It’s just a matter of synchronizing a nation’s mundane agenda to its AO charts, tagging developments and trends with their astro-markers, and tracking a marker’s activity with special reference given its fortunate and unfortunate alignments as indicating a potential for harmonious/fortunate and discordant/unfortunate events and developments.

An AO agency would provide pertinent AO information to any public or private institution on request. It would provide a service similar to that provided by a weather bureau: An AO forecast that clearly defines a special type of energy-event, its place of impact and timeframe.

AO data could be used to forecast weather events, generate jobs growth and address national security concerns.

In response to changes in AO charts there’s constant charge here on Earth. New trends emerge and develop. Political ideologies wax and wane. Governments win and lose office. Investors see big tech companies as monopolies or maybe oligopolies and keep a close eye on government controls. And the digital conglomerates fight over customers, standards of service and user’s privacy.

And global astrology charts are very reliable at timing when events of a specific type are inclined to occur. But a forecast based on a specified global chart is not inevitable. Astro-observation permits reliable forecasting and almost accurate prediction.

Astrology, of course, has no implication of fatality. It merely shows the astrological energies that bring pressure to bear that make certain types of events probable. And global astrology’s knowledge-base keeps on expanding as observed events are more reliably linked with astro-data. 

The data stored in a global astrology chart has to be acquired, assessed, processed and delivered, but humanity in 2022, ignorant of scientific Aquarian Age astrology, has no interest in astro-observing or in acting on the valuable data global astrology charts provide.  

Author: DW Sutton

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