Fact-check: Global astrology

Global astrology is the science of inner-plane (astral) weather conditions and their influence on world affairs.

A specified global chart, constructed for a country’s administrative capital, provides data pertaining to the planets and their house positions.

The data is analyzed to forecast a chart-specific event. The event relates to a mundane matter ruled by the house or houses occupied by the relevant planet or planets and bears their signature.

The status of the event – whether fortunate or unfortunate – is judged by the nature of the planet and its harmonious or discordant alignments.

Progressions in a global cycle chart time when an event indicated by the chart can occur. What happened yesterday is a useful guide as to what’s likely to happen today and tomorrow.

Global astrology does not deal with specific events. It can’t tell you the precise location of an extreme weather event but it can tell you when an event of this type is inclined to occur. It can’t tell you the human damage inflicted by a bombing or mass shooting but it can tell you when an event of this type can occur. And it can’t tell you that country A will go to war with country B but it can tell you when the potential for war and conflict is significantly increased.

Global astrology can’t tell you who’s going to win Wimbledon or the Super Bowl but it can tell you when an event involving a sports celebrity is inclined to occur. And it can’t tell you what amazing technology will emerge in 2022 but it can tell you about Uranus – the planet of technology – and its influence on global techno-trends via the leading scientists, engineers and technicians who are especially inclined to respond to its activity in a global astrology chart.

With knowledge of astro-science and a specified country’s current state of play you can forecast that an event characterized by a planet or planet merger is inclined to occur there during a designated forecast period – days, weeks and months before it occurs. 

Verifying your event forecast

With Mercury came the desire to tell stories, report recent events in newspapers and over-intellectualize.

With Pluto came radio, the on-air reporting of news and shock-jocks spinning their particular brand of bias and propaganda.

With Pluto came television, news with pictures and a smorgasbord of frightful behavior. In 2022 it’s where you can watch human beings inflict unspeakable suffering on their fellow humans.

With social media came misinformation, fake news and disinformation.

With the internet came online news services and the reporting in (almost) real-time of national and international events. You can learn what event is grabbing the headlines right now whenever you want. Online media services tend to provide a nonstop stream of dying, death and destruction. They report political events that reveal just how bad our politicians really are.

And with Aquarius came truth tellers and fact-checkers.

The online news services cater for visitors who want reliable news reporting (Mercury) and those who want the people side of the story (Moon). So some report events, others report events plus explainers plus opinion and some report events, gossip, people stories, entertainment etc.  

News gives people something to think and talk about and a lot of inconsequential news, sensation and meaningless gossip can do the trick.

Global astrology in 2022

Hermetic astrology provides reliable global charts, researched based astro-data and a scientific procedure to follow when assessing a global chart, but in order to verify events and tag and track event trends you need reliable data from news services, observers and expert commentators.

As the astro-data analyst your job is to find a trusted news provider that you can rely on to track important international and national events as they occur.

The main thing to observe when matching a major event with its parent in a global astrology chart is the keywords used by the reporting media to describe the event.

Discerning the relevance and importance of an event is easy.  The basic premise is: Most aren’t important. The strife, violence, accident and fire events and the loss, hardship and suffering events that regularly grab the news media’s attention simply reveal the constant influence of Mars and Saturn on the world stage. If you’re a disaster voyeur or tragedy tragic Mars and Saturn provide plenty of events to watch and talk about.

But every now and then an event occurs that is far more important due to its historical or cultural relevance and it should grab your attention. A shooting war between two nations or a major change in the law or a catastrophic weather event that causes long-term economic and social hardship are examples.

The major cycle charts script event trends pertaining to the areas of mundane life they govern but with the print and electronic media selectively choosing the events they report you can be certain that there’s a lot going on that you don’t hear or know about. Yet these apparently less newsworthy political, social and philosophical Aquarian Age trends have their parents in global astrology charts.

Aquarius world in 2022 is the result of natural law, astrological forces, global astrology charts and significant astrological events in the sky parenting important and not so important events here on Earth.

Trends start, develop and become part of the Aquarian Age landscape. Online trolling started with a single troll and now it’s practiced by many trolls. And the idea that a person can be ‘canceled’ or blocked from having a prominent public platform or career  started in March 2014 when activist Suey Park cancelled Stephen Colbert for ‘a blatantly racist tweet about Asians’ and now cancel culture is a rampant Lower-Pluto phenomenon.

(Cancel culture bears the signatures of Mars, Uranus and Pluto and on March 27, 2014 when #CancelColbert was tweeted progressed Pluto was semisextile Mercury in the Pluto cycle; progressed Uranus was opposition ascendant in America’s Uranus cycle; and progressed Mars was parallel Mercury in the 2013 Mars cycle chart.)

The planets in global astrology charts play the tune and human actors here on Earth dance to the pipers. The charts provide reliable astro-data and you’re relying on expert observers here on Earth to detect a trend that you can match with its astro-marker and monitor its development and progress.

Knowledge of the planets is the starting point for your endeavor.        

Author: DW Sutton

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