Aquarian Age global astrology

The major national and international news stories generate non-stop chatter. There’s repeated reporting and informed commentary by experts, analysts, explainers and opinion writers who dig deep analyzing and explaining what they mean. But earth-shaking events occur and then the Earth stops shaking.

So what does it all mean? It’s a very complex Aquarian Age world so the news you’re hearing and reading about is almost incomprehensible and even with the help of expert-explainers your understanding of a complex issue can be shallow and superficial.

You probably don’t have the time to digest explainers and discern what’s biased opinion, propaganda and misinformation. So it’s virtually impossible to make sense of the world relying on news services and explainers.

Hermetic astrology explains major events and developments here on Earth by referencing natural law. It embraces the laws of astrology. These laws explain the dynamic astral forces that have the power to cause change and the role that global astrology charts, the planets in the sky and human actors play.

Global astrology explains that the planets of our solar system – via human actors – direct the proceedings here on Earth; and each actor, being part of a collective whole, can influence what happens.

Global astrology tags events and trends with their astrological markers and projects these trends into the future. It can discern when a trend will be stimulated and the nature of the stimulation – whether harmonious or discordant. And it can forecast when events bearing the characteristics of a specified planet are inclined to occur. But it can’t make and doesn’t claim to make precise predictions.

Rather it forecasts astro-energy-events that replicate on Earth as events during a specified time-frame. And Astrology for Aquarius regularly forecast dangerous moments, shock events and drastic developments that occur right on time using the science of global astrology.

Aquarian Age global astrology

With thousands of satellites orbiting the Earth Aquarian Age technology keeps you in the know and up to date in real time. The 24 hour news cycle keeps you informed as journalists and reporters – your news providers – provide a serving of new news every day.

You have instant access to news and the atmospherics that defines events. Vivid images streamed by on-the-ground observers capture the atmosphere that represents the astrology world. 

The pictures on your smart phone or television or computer screen are visual images of astrological events in global astrology charts. So you can watch the astro-events starring in the Aquarian Age chart, the major cycle charts and the sky play out on your preferred viewing screen.

But the news providers report consequential and inconsequential news in a frantic, very competitive, news cycle. Amidst the history making moments and life changing events there’s a constant feed of sensation, novelty, gossip and news that isn’t news. And distraction news is meant to distract you from a news story that is harmful to the distracter. 

When trying to detect events that have political, economic and social significance it’s easy to get caught up in the sensation… and lose perspective.

Judging if an event is or isn’t important is an art that takes practice. It’s a question of consequence; of who and what’s involved and the astrological energies in operation at the time. So you can dismiss 99% of the so-called news because it isn’t news. Sensational gossip and info-entertainment have their astro-markers but they’re not important in the scheme of things. 

Some take home messages

Energy-events in the major cycle charts play out on the world stage. Each has a harmony or discord quality and their potential for realization increases as their environmental resistance decreases. So if the energy-event forecasts a suicide bombing or wildfire it’s more inclined to occur in a country/region where the environmental setting facilitates its occurrence.

The cycle charts for the major planets – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – are specific event charts and a major event pertaining to a designated cycle chart can occur while its ruling planet forms a progressed aspect with another planet in the chart. This forecast period can be a matter of days, weeks or months. 

The planets by their house positions in a country’s Sun cycle chart don’t map specific events. Rather, they give a general trend to the mundane affairs ruled by the houses they occupy. But this trend is not specified by a news report so it can be difficult to detect.

With reliable astrological data and an understanding of natural law you can track and understand the world today. You can watch the planets directing the global agenda here on Earth.

Hermetic astrology doesn’t claim to know all there is to know about global astrology, but we’re working on it.

Author: DW Sutton

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