Jupiter conjunction Saturn: December 21, 2020

On January 26, 2020 Jupiter in the sky moved into orb of a conjunction aspect with Saturn.

On March 11, 2020 the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic. An outbreak of a highly infectious killer disease in Wuhan, China was now spreading rapidly around the world and countries were compelled to take drastic measures to contain the spread of the virus.

In an instant compulsory lockdown measures to safeguard public health radically disrupted daily life. Business activity ceased, spending stopped and unemployment soared. Schools, restaurants, theaters and gyms shut-up shop. The hospitality and arts sectors shut-down. Sport’s world closed.

The world economy crashed and governments were forced to provide financial assistance/stimulus to help save their fracturing economies. Share markets were resilient as optimism fuelled investor sentiment, but the slightest hint of economic disorder easily triggered panic selling.

Jupiter conjunction Saturn wouldn’t reach peak power till December 21, 2020 but from March to June 2020 their merger in the sky was already pulling the strings here on Earth.

The great 2020 covid-19 recession – maybe depression – was the major world event forecast by Jupiter conjunction Saturn; and in the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction chart Uranus – the planet of unexpected events, big shocks, sudden change, disruption, social unrest, rebellious behavior, protests and civil disobedience – is square Jupiter and Saturn. And Uranus has his fingerprints all over the covid-19 pandemic and its sudden and radical impact on daily life and economic activity.

So, with humanity plugged into Jupiter and Saturn in the sky during 2020 the event trend here on Earth will chiefly focus on living with covid, containing covid outbreaks, opening up economic activity, job creation, unemployment, income inequality, poverty, homelessness and the financial sectors capacity to keep on providing help and stimulus.

The aspect’s influence on you personally is via events related to the pandemic and its economic fallout and they’re mapped by the major progressions in your progressed chart.

Jupiter’s optimism fuels hope

Jupiter – ever the optimist – inclines towards hopefulness, buoyancy, expansion, higher prices and economic growth. His optimism fuels hope and raises expectations. It keeps economic activity churning. More goods are produced. Your pay packet expands. You’re willing to spend – even feeling extravagant. Prices and property values rise. 

Jupiter – the planet of selling on a small and large scale – is all about abundance, prosperity and more than enough, but with Jupiter conjunction Saturn there’s a shortage of optimism and prosperity and humanity is starved for hope. There’s scarcity rather than plenty.

Saturn’s pessimism spreads doubt and fear

Saturn – ever the pessimist – inclines towards gloominess, worry, uncertainty, contraction, lower prices and recession. His air of pessimism fuels sluggish economic activity. Fewer goods are produced. Your pay packet stands still or contracts. You’re less inclined to spend – feeling frugal. Prices and property values fall.

Saturn – the planet of safety and security – is all about cautious thinking and careful planning but with Jupiter conjunction Saturn there’s an abundance of doubt, fear and pessimism and humanity is starved for safety, order and certainty. There’s plenty of hardship and suffering.

Saturn’s death spiral

Covid-19 made people frightened. It revealed that life occasionally throws up a drastic situation and that you need to prepare for a prolonged torrential downpour, not just a rainy day.

In 2020 Saturn’s death spiral involves the coronavirus, lockdown measures, business closures, high unemployment, financial anxiety, personal and business bankruptcies, a loss of confidence, more unemployment, soaring levels of poverty, homelessness, more fear, despair and hopelessness and less trust in institutions and leaders.

Navigating covid-19 and economic recovery

Jupiter is the planet of finances, commerce, abundance and plenty and Saturn is the planet of pandemics, economy, unemployment and poverty; and Jupiter conjunction Saturn on December 21, 2020 is writing the script that describes the covid-19 world and the financial and economic landscape that governments, banks and economists are striving to navigate.

Governments are navigating their nation’s covid-19 pandemic and economic recovery. They’re providing financial stimulus and easing lockdown measures. They have to spend (Jupiter) to contain the economic fallout (Saturn) but they just can’t keep spending.

Scientists are striving to find a vaccine; health care workers are trying to save lives; and business is trying to open up and employ people. Economic recovery won’t happen till people get back to work and start spending. Business has to get to work creating jobs.

Public health and economic problems are chiefly political matters. They’re solved by politicians who make decisions as they see fit. And in 2020 some are prepared to sacrifice the public’s health on the altar of economy activity.

Jupiter conjunction Saturn brought economic crisis and financial readjustment on a global scale and humanity is relying on Jupiter’s banks to prevent a pandemic of Saturn’s poverty. It’s relying on Jupiter’s optimism and financial help and Saturn’s caution and careful planning to navigate a successful economic recovery.

But when Jupiter’s hope and optimism is defiled by Saturn’s fear and pessimism his over-optimism and irrational hope can make big mistakes.

When Jupiter’s irrational exuberance moves too fast lockdown restrictions are eased too soon and the coronavirus can come surging back; and when Saturn’s irrational caution moves too slow lockdown restrictions are eased too late and the economic hardship is exacerbated and prolonged.

December 21, 2020 is the day that Jupiter conjunction Saturn in the sky is at peak power. It doesn’t indicate that major events of the Jupiter-Saturn type will occur on that day. It does indicate that the covid-19 economic recovery, which involves living with the coronavirus, will be slow and prone to falter.

The 2020 covid-19 recession will likely last a very long time, so you could accurately conclude that humanity is tumbling in a covid-19 world and December 21, 2020 signposts a perilous abyss date by which any number of countries could fall off the economic cliff.

Jupiter moves out of orb of a conjunction aspect with Saturn on April 3, 2021.

The 1981 Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions timed the 1981-82 global recession.

The Y2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction timed the crash of the dotcom bubble.

And the 2020 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction timed the coronavirus pandemic and the 2020-21 global recession.

The next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction occurs October 31, 2040 at 11.50am GMT.


Author: DW Sutton

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