Saturn conjunction Pluto: January 12, 2020

On January 12, 2020 at 4.59.29pm GMT Saturn and Pluto in the sky form a conjunction aspect; and the merging of these two mighty planets forecasts a climax to the stories they told throughout 2019.

Saturn was parallel Pluto in the sky on March 10, July 16 and November 5 and their stories involved economic slowdown, stagnant wages growth, rising debt levels, tariffs, farmers doing it tough, drought and doomsday weather events – the Bahamas and Japan got demolished by massive storms.

In 2019 fear stopped people spending – they zipped up their wallets – and the wheels that keep the world economy moving slowed. Working class families (Saturn), low-paid workers (Saturn) and the unemployed (Saturn) suffered till in the end they took to the streets in mass anti-government, anti-inequality demonstrations (Pluto).

It seemed that the economy, weather, far-right groups and fake news became security threats that jeopardized your safety and wellbeing.

Depending on where you live you may have experienced food, fuel and dairy shortages (Saturn); escalating greed and dishonesty; threats (Pluto) to your cyber security (Saturn); an encounter with Proud Boys or Patriot Prayer (Pluto); or rampant misinformation.

By November 5, 2019 many countries including Italy and Brazil were experiencing economic stagnation; Argentina and Hong Kong were in recession; and China’s and India’s economies were slowing down. America resisted the pull of recession – its healthy jobs market kept people spending.

Saturn and recession

Economic recession involves reduced economic activity due to high unemployment, falling wages and debt burdens. Those living on Struggle Street feel the pinch more than others and depressed consumer spending causes small business to fail and large business to retrench employees. The economic consequences as a reduction in investment, reduced consumer demand, bankruptcies, economic hardship and increased poverty can be long lasting. 

Data provided by Statistica indicates that in 2019 the worldwide unemployment rate was estimated at 4.95% of the workforce or 173.6 million people. And high unemployment spells poverty and social unrest.

Saturn conjunction Pluto

Chances are the Saturn-Pluto conjunction forecasts a perfect economic storm involving the US-China tariff war, unforeseen economic problems, Brexit, massive debt, climate change and devastating weather events. Will the global debt-bomb explode?

And where is the economic bomb set to explode? ‘Factory Asia’ – China, South Korea and Taiwan – is in the eye of the trade-war storm with mighty America.

With Saturn conjunction Pluto equality is under duress from those who are out to grab as much as they can for themselves. And selfishness kills the desire to cooperate, but Saturn is the planet of conservation and Saturn and Pluto are working together to save endangered species and protect the natural world from greedy, ruthless individuals who plunder for selfish gain.

Saturn conjunction Pluto in the sky forecasts security cooperation, a breakdown in security cooperation, a drastic security situation, a nuclear crisis, world-wide labor problems, massive unemployment, a poverty crisis, a disease crisis, an extinction crisis, natural disasters and destructive weather events.

Sun and Mercury are conjunction Saturn and Pluto

The Sun conjunction Saturn and Pluto adds a political dimension to events as they unfold. Politicians, world leaders and governments are involved. Major developments in Donald Trump’s impeachment investigation are likely.

And Mercury conjunction Saturn and Pluto forecasts controversy, heated discussion and disagreement. The press, journalists, academics, teachers and scientists are in some way involved.

Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are all semisquare Mars – planet of strife, disputation and violence – and Saturn is parallel Mars.

The conjunction aspect has a 12 degree orb so Saturn conjunction Pluto has influenced events and developments here on Earth throughout 2019 and will continue to do so during 2020.

So don’t expect major events to occur on January 12, 2020 although they could. That’s just the date that the Saturn-Pluto conjunction is at peak power.

There’s a delay with the reporting of economic data and the December 2019 quarterly data won’t be reported till January 2020 and the data for the March 2020 quarter won’t be reported till April 2020.

So the economic fallout from Saturn parallel and conjunction Pluto in the sky will unfold during 2020 with Jupiter and Pluto engaged in frenetic financial stimulation as governments and central banks try to contain the damage. Spending money keeps the economy churning.


Author: DW Sutton

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