Mars conjunction Neptune: June 13, 2020

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Neptune on June 13, 2020 at 2.13.05pm GMT.

This dangerous energy-event occurs when many countries are cautiously easing their Covid-19 lockdowns. Economic activity needs to be opened up. People need to get their lives back to some sort of normality; but with Mars conjunction Neptune in the sky the risks are high. The virus can surge back – especially in the southern hemisphere.

Mars conjunction Neptune data

Forecast period is May 25, 2020 to July 3, 2020.

Peak power date is June 13, 2020. Major Mars-Neptune events are more inclined to occur around this date.

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, disputation, enmity, acrimony, war, bombs, missiles, violence, explosions, guns, soldiers, vice, banditry, brawls, alcohol, police officers, gambling, anger, hate, sex, fires, firefighters, accidents, emergency workers, infectious disease, doctors, surgeons, bravery, industrial workers and manufacturing.

Neptune is the planet of schemes, promotion, confusion, uncertainty, deception, denial, lies, hoaxes, cover-ups, fantasy thinking, spectacular exaggeration, oil, gas, drugs, chemicals, poisons, stock companies, investors, bondage, refugees, slaves, slavery, aviation, movies, the film industry, pornography, fishing, the fishing industry, socialism and inflation.

Mars and Neptune are square (obstacle) Sun – planet of political leaders, administration and high-profile actors; conjunction Moon – planet of the common, everyday people, food and water; trine (luck) Mercury – planet of science, controversy and the press; sextile (opportunity) Jupiter – planet of finances, banks and religion; and sextile Pluto – planet of groups, drastic measures, collaboration, coercion and misinformation.

Mars conjunction Neptune forecasts…

A pandemic of strife and uncertainty; a second-wave, surge in coronavirus cases and deaths; the fast mobilization of human resources to fight the virus; a race to find drug therapies for Covid-19; strife and disputation over drug therapies; an outbreak of Covid-19 in a refugee camp; more strife for the aviation sector; aviation disputes; a plane crash; a chemical weapons attack; an oil fire; an oil tanker accident; a chemical explosion; a poisoning; a fishing dispute; a spy scandal; and an epidemic of drug and alcohol consumption.

And anger and haste jumping to confusion and exaggerating what’s going on; an escalation in the oil price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia; oil going crazy; aggressive moves by drug cartels; a major drug bust; escalating investor/stock market uncertainty; strife for a major corporation; an escalation in the feud between China and the world over China’s alleged cover-up of its coronavirus outbreak; more attacks on the WHO by Donald Trump; and inflation fueled by the covid pandemic.

Mars will be active stirring up strife, disputation and anger and Neptune will be active sowing confusion, chaos and uncertainty.

Mars conjunction Neptune and you

This in-sky Mars-Neptune conjunction will have no influence on you personally.

What’s currently taking place in your life and what’s on your mind is primarily determined by the major progressed aspects in your chart and your local environment where you live, work and operate.

When events can occur

Major Mars-Neptune events can occur during the aspect’s forecast period – May 25, 2020 to July 3, 2020 – especially as it approaches peak power on June 13, 2020.

At this time progressed Neptune is square Mars in the Neptune cycle.

From June 2 to June 13 progressed Mars is conjunction Neptune (June 3) in the Mars cycle; progressed Sun is square Neptune (June 7) in the Sun cycle; and progressed Mars is parallel Neptune (June 8) in the Mars cycle.

We stress that global astrology does not forecast inevitable events and that this in-sky Mars-Neptune conjunction is merely an astrological energy-event that makes events of the Mars-Neptune type probable here on the Earth during its forecast period.

The next Mars-Neptune conjunction occurs May 18, 2022.


Author: DW Sutton

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