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(This commentary originally appeared as the introduction to Twelve - December, 21, 2020 - Jupiter-Saturn conjunction charts published July 23, 2020.)

The in-sky Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on December 21, 2020 at 6.20.30pm GMT, which can be seen in the night sky right now, is primarily about covid-19 and its economic fallout and financial assistance packages.

June 8, 2020: In response to the swift (Mars) and massive shock (Uranus) of the coronavirus pandemic and the enforcement of drastic shutdown measures (Pluto) the global economy has plunged into a severe contraction (Saturn). According to World Bank forecasts (Jupiter), the global economy will shrink (Saturn) by 5.2% this year. That would represent the deepest recession (Saturn) since the Second World War. Economic activity among advanced economies is anticipated to shrink 7% in 2020 as domestic demand and supply, trade (Jupiter), and finance (Jupiter) are severely disrupted (Uranus). 

The in-sky Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is all about managing covid-19 outbreaks, recessed business activity, bankruptcies, financial stimulus packages, rising levels of poverty, financial aid for those suffering economic hardship, opening up economic activity with effective hygiene measures in place and political leaders who make crucial decisions regarding the pandemic and easing lockdown restrictions.

Feelings of hope and optimism (Jupiter) and fear and pessimism (Saturn) define the atmospherics. But Jupiter’s optimistic vibe can think the pandemic is over when it’s not and Saturn’s gloom can fail to see the green shoots of hope.

Jupiter’s financial stimulus is needed to prevent major economic collapse. Extravagant infrastructure projects keep the economy moving. The entertainment, arts and hospitality sectors are in dire need of financial assistance.

Economic burdens like heavy debt and high unemployment slow consumer spending and economic growth; and when the economy is sluggish business makes cutbacks and reduces its workforce. And this catch-22 dilemma in 2020 puts the financial system on a collision course with economic crisis.

But there’s more to Jupiter conjunction Saturn than events associated with the covid-19 pandemic and its economic fallout/financial aid packages.

Finance, banks, trade, sales, religion and legal matters

Jupiter is the planets of finance and Jupiter and Saturn prove that money makes the world go round. Your life is a financial enterprise. Planet Earth is an orbiting supermarket with shops, restaurants, theaters, gyms, bars and hotels. Their in-sky merger forecasts stress on the world’s finances and major financial aid and stimulus packages to help lessen the damage caused by covid-19 lockdowns.  

Jupiter is the planet of banks. They’re cashed-up but Saturn can see liquidity problems, cash shortages, bank failures and heavy debt burdens. Goodwill is in short supply. Fear can infect money markets. Currency values can fall or rise. Interest rates are so low they have nowhere to go; and the World Bank’s loan packages that prop up ailing economies have to be repaid.

Jupiter conjunction Saturn forecasts loan defaults, widespread financial inequality, spending cutbacks and an economic recovery that falls upwards or rises downwards! Saturn’s low-cost business model is in vogue.

Jupiter is the planet of trade and Saturn is the planet of protectionism and with Jupiter conjunction Saturn there’s plenty of hard bargaining at the trade talks. They forecast major trade deals or major trade deal failures: All eyes are on Brexit.

Jupiter is the planet of sales but Saturn’s pandemic closed down business and Saturn is very inclined to window shop and bargain hunt. Jupiter conjunction Saturn forecasts thrift, a slump in sales and plenty of bargains.

Some expensive goods and services will come down in price and some cheap goods and services will go up, but optimism is in short supply and there’s an oversupply of caution so the demand for cheap money may or may not grow.

Jupiter is the planet of religion and Jupiter conjunction Saturn forecasts a backward looking trend to events involving religion and a swing to religious fundamentalism. Saturn defines those orthodox religious beliefs that come straight from the Bible and other Holy books. Too many people believe in a Piscean Age God or no God at all. There’s a crisis of faith and ethics. The Age of Aquarius is stymied by conservative religious beliefs that are frozen in time.

Jupiter is the plant of courts, law and legal matters and Jupiter conjunction Saturn forecasts a conservative trend to legal decisions and hard justice by the world’s courts. Existing laws can be overturned and declared unconstitutional.

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is square Mars and Uranus

Mars is the planet of strife, war, feuding, anger, swift action, excitement, alcohol, impatience, doctors, police and army; and Mars square Jupiter and Saturn forecasts fast financial assistance, the hasty easing of lockdown measures, rows over protective gear (masks), reckless social activity, lockdown policing and a long and hard fight in the war on the coronavirus.

Uranus is planet of rugged individualism, rebellious behavior, unforeseen events, sudden developments, civil unrest and protests. He loves liberty, detests confinement, flouts custom, defies convention, espouses extreme views and flaunts bizarre ideas; and Uranus square Jupiter and Saturn forecasts unexpected events and radical, unconventional behavior that fails the social responsibility test and  jeopardizes economic recovery.

So, you could conclude that Mars and his strife and haste and Uranus and his radical views and extreme behavior represent an obstacle course (square aspect) that has to be navigated before there’s victory in the war on covid-19.


Author: DW Sutton

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