Mars conjunction Saturn: March 31, 2020

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Saturn on March 31, 2020 at 6.31pm GMT.

It’s a strictly global – mundane – astrology event that will have no influence on you personally unless you’re exposed to the coronavirus, live in a war-zone or region prone to violence, or happen to encounter a monster storm.

Mars is the planet of viral infections and dangerous situations and Saturn is the planet of public health emergencies and epidemics and their in-sky merger forecasts a dangerous phase in the coronavirus epidemic that has adversely impacted public health in China, travel, trade and economic activity.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is semisquare Mercury – planet of talk, debate and controversy – trine Venus – planet of socializing and women’s issues; conjunction Jupiter – planet of finances, banks, tourism and ships; semisquare Neptune – planet of schemes, investors, share markets and aviation; and conjunction  Pluto – planet of groups, drastic events, cooperation, division, coercion and misinformation.

The forecast period, during which major Mars-Saturn events can occur, is March 13 to April 19, 2020.

Progressed Mars is parallel birth chart Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart > peak power date is August 25, 2020.

Mars parallel Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart


December 31, 2019: China alerts the World Health organization (WHO) to several cases of pneumonia in Wuhan in Hubei province. The virus is unknown.

Progressed Moon in the Aquarian Age chart was parallel progressed Saturn > peak power date was February 8, 2020.

January 7, 2020: Chinese officials announce they have identified a new virus (Mars) belonging to the coronavirus family. It was named 2019-nCoV.

Progressed Moon was opposition progressed Mars in the Aquarian Age chart > peak power date was February 5, 2020.

January 9: The first death from coronavirus occurs.

January 12: Saturn was conjunction Pluto in the sky.

January 13: The first case outside China – in Thailand – is reported.

February 11: the WHO announces that the new coronavirus will be called ‘COVID-19’.

By February 19, 2020 major Chinese cities were in lockdown; Beijing was a ghost town; fast-food chains – McDonald’s and Starbucks – were ramping up ‘contactless’ pickup and delivery services; trust in President Xi had plunged; and there had been 2,118 deaths from coronavirus with 75,00 confirmed infections.

In China’s chart progressed Sun was square progressed Saturn (epidemics); and progressed ascendant in house 4 (cities) was sesquisquare birth chart Neptune. 

See China in 2020 here

The 2019 measles outbreaks

The World Health Organization estimates that 140,000 people died from measles in 2018 and in 2019 the situation looked even worse.

In November 2019 there were 5,847 confirmed cases in Yemen, 3,659 cases in Sudan, 2,795 cases in Somalia, 1,978 confirmed cases in Pakistan, 1,367 cases in Tunisia and 1,222 in Iraq.

Mars and Saturn

Mars is the planet of war, conflict, violence, missiles, bombs, military-matters, strife, guns, shootings, banditry, anger, hate, revenge, alcohol, gambling, accidents and fires. He rules the army, police, firefighters, industrial workers, doctors and surgeons.

When he’s active in the sky there’s a spike in violence, strife, accidents and fires and dangerous emergency situations get a red alert.

Saturn is the planet of safety, caution, precautionary measures, security issues, fear, anxiety, insecurity, selfishness, loss, grief, hardship, suffering, poverty and natural resources like steel, lumber, coal and sand. 

He rules orthodoxy, conservatism, traditional values, epidemics, shortages, cut-backs, economic slumps, recessions, lower-prices, land and environmental issues, the farming and mining sectors, the weather and natural disasters.

Loss and hardship events occur when Saturn is active in the sky.

Mars conjunction Saturn forecasts…

… war fears; strife and loss; heavy casualties in the war zones; blood on the land; territorial disputes; land grabs; battle fatigue; military retreats; restrained hostilities; shootings and other acts of violence; violence prevention measures; the regulation of firearms; emergency security situations; disease; public health emergencies; poverty driven rage; angry farmers; farming disputes; a tariff war; a slowdown in manufacturing; accidents; mining accidents; fires; and despair, grief and suffering.

Mars and Saturn forecast monster storms; floods; mudslides; earthquakes; volcanic eruptions; environmental disasters; climate disputes; angry miners; coal warring and large numbers of violence and climate migrants.

They’re building walls of hate.

As the coronavirus emergency escalates there will be a massive national and international effort to manage the damage and bring it under control.


Author: DW Sutton

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