Environment and progressed aspects

The factor of physical environment is too often neglected in astrology.

It can facilitate or negate an event occurring.

The custom has been to consider your birth chart as mapping a normal amount of activity relative to each of the twelve departments of life.

The judgment is made by assessing the prominence (including aspects and house position) of the planet or planets ruling each of the twelve houses of your chart.

However, the average importance of the events relative to one department of life, such as the prestige, ruled by the tenth, or money, ruled by the second, in your life may be greater than the most important event relative to prestige or money in some other person’s life.

To begin to approximate the activity in such a department of life which you have, even when no progressed aspects are present, may require a progressed aspect of unusual power in another person’s chart.

Yet it seems certain that even when you establish the norm for a particular department of life, as indicated by your chart, that similar progressed aspects do not attract into the life events of similar importance.

You are not an isolated creature.

Other people have progressed aspects that influence them, and their thoughts and actions in turn influence you.

World conditions undoubtedly are influenced by planetary positions, as are conditions in a nation or a city. And these more general factors of your environment in turn have an influence upon the importance of events attracted by a given progressed aspect.

For the sake of definitions, you can call the astrological positions and forces mapped in your birth chart and progressed aspects as your astrological environment.

And while recognizing that other people, objects and physical conditions are each influenced by their astrological environments, from your standpoint they should be viewed as factors of your physical environment.

In reference to any event in your life, the question then arises, how much does the astrological environment contribute to it, and how much does the physical environment contribute?

Theories arise

If we assume for the sake of theory, that a progressed aspect normally contributes 50% of the total influence that attracts an important event, and that the physical environment contributes the other 50% we can deduce the following consequent theories:

If the physical environment at a given time pulls in the same direction as the progressed aspect the indicated event is made more certain.

And theoretically, if the maximum influence exerted by a progressed aspect of the Sun encounters an equal amount of environmental resistance nothing of consequence will happen.

And theoretically if the maximum influence exerted by a progressed aspect of the Sun encounters an equal amount of environmental pull in the same direction, the event which will happen at the time will be twice as important as would be expected if the environment at the time were normal.

You should judge (measure) the relative strength and direction of your physical and astrological environments in the interest of gaining a more exact understanding of the forces in your birth chart.

Astrologers who understand these matters will solve the problem of how much your physical and astrological environments (progressed aspects) contribute in attracting events into your life.

They will determine to what extent the physical environment has the power to shift forward or backward the time when an indicated event happens.

As in all sciences, there is still a great deal of pioneering work to be undertaken by earnest research astrologers.

We consider the problem of physical environment to be one of the most important territories to be explored in the advancement of our great science.

Author: DW Sutton

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