The evolution of soul intelligence

In ancient times there were families which specialized in cultivating what is now known as extrasensory perception.

They developed their psychic senses and used them to learn about inner-plane energies and the origin, development and destiny of the human soul.

They recorded their findings, so that they wouldn’t be lost to future generations, in the language of universal symbolism, which anyone, no matter what their race or arbitrary language, can understand with a little study.

They used the stories of sacred literature, the pictures of the sacred tarot, and the designs of the 48 ancient constellations in the sky to convey to generations to come, in the language of universal symbolism, the more important things they discovered.

There is no implication here that their ideas should be accepted merely because they recorded them.

But because so many of the things they discovered and set forth have been proved through modern scientific research to be accurate, it does seem advisable to test as many of their findings as possible, and to accept those that are found to be factual, and to reject those – if such are found – that can be disproved.

These experts in the use of extrasensory perception held that the soul is differentiated for the purpose of being educated to become a workman in God’s great evolutionary plan.

The evolution of soul intelligence

Its education commences in the mineral kingdom where it learnt how to handle the chemicals of higher forms of life – secretion and assimilation depending upon such selectivity.

Then to gain sensitivity it had experiences in the vegetable kingdom.

Experiments by modem scientists prove that plants do react to stimuli in a similar manner, but in less degree, than do animals possessing a nervous system.

To develop simple consciousness a soul has experience in the animal kingdom below man.

And to acquire and express self-consciousness, which is essential to effectively understand what is perceived by extrasensory perception, it has to be born into human form.

Extrasensory perception is the only avenue of acquiring knowledge after life on Earth is done and its possibilities are infinitely greater than those that it is commonly used for on Earth.

And to effectively use psychokinesis, which is the only avenue of accomplishment after life on earth is done, it has to be born into human form.

The ancient specialists in extrasensory perception held that the soul attached itself to successive evolutionary forms, at the commencement of their individual development, through the power which has now been thoroughly demonstrated by university scientists and is called by them psychokinesis.

Its experience in one form gave it the know-how to attach itself to, and live in, a form somewhat more complex.

At least, the records of the rocks prove that life on Earth has evolved from single-cell life-forms; and now the neurosurgeons have demonstrated that instead of mind being a function of the brain, the brain is merely an instrument through which mind operates.

Their massive amputations of cerebral substance prove that no lobe of the cerebrum is essential to mind and memory.

All the evidence indicates that the ancient wise men were right and that the mind, or soul, can and does function independent of the physical body, and that it is attached to, and functions through, the physical organism by utilizing the non-physical power termed psychokinesis.

Such a brief résumé of the evolution of the soul, as taught by those who traced the pictured constellations in the sky is a necessary prelude to their spiritual teachings of astrology.

Giant telescopes here on Earth certainly reveal there is ample room, even in the physical cosmos, for competent workmen.

There seems to be no limit to the number of universes.

And the physical cosmos is but one level of an infinite number of levels on which life can exist and perform its functions.

Each of the 48 ancient constellations expounds, in the language of universal symbolism, a highly important teaching related to mastering this and other worlds.

Author: DW Sutton

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