International cooperation can solve the climate crisis

Because we are in the Pluto Period of the Aquarian Age and because progressed equinox is square progressed Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart Pluto is having the dominant influence on global affairs. And Pluto expresses an extreme influence that is labeled Lower and Higher Pluto.

The Lower-Pluto influence combines cunning with daring to attain its own self-seeking ends, and permits nothing to stand in its way. It’s the instigator of the most atrocious crimes. The Higher-Pluto influence on the other hand, is sagacious, drastic and forceful, but works invariably for universal welfare and global benefit.

Pluto, when afflicted, as it now is, tends to split a group into two rival factions. And even when unafflicted the forming of one group to accomplish some purpose is usually the occasion for the formation of another group to prevent its purpose being realized. The conflict of opposing interests, next to group activity, is the most outstanding expression of Pluto.

Neptune, with its idealism, has tendency toward exaggerated expectations and confusion. So the actual realization of its idealistic visions, which very often evaporate in wishful thinking, requires the cultivation of the Higher-Pluto influence of cooperation. Cooperation is needed to make Neptune’s visionary schemes real.

In the Age of Pluto humanity’s political, economic and spiritual progress is hindered by great obstacles – self-interest, conflicting ideologies, disunity, disinformation and inversion.

The only way to overcome all these obstacles and escape the dreadful consequences they invariably cause is for all the political, economic and religious factions to recognize that the welfare of the organization known as humanity is far more important than the ambitions of some political, economic or religious group.

Any political or religious group whose members place their own significance and advantages ahead of the welfare of humanity is inviting destruction.

The only life-forms to survive the processes of evolution are those whose cells and organs have subjugated their own independent desires to performing the function which most benefits all.

When groups of people were separated by barriers of communication and transportation they could act with considerable independence, but those days are gone.

What affects one nation, or one group of people now intimately affects other nations and other groups all over the globe. And unless the activities of nations and groups are coordinated by some overall generally accepted plan, conflicting interests will develop that could ultimately lead to war.

Humanity can have no hope of peace and surcease from horrible events and periods of destruction and economic struggle until the conflicting interests of nations and groups are resolved by conciliation. Such conciliation will not give any group or nation all it wants, but will reconcile the self-seeking demands of each to the welfare of all.

Nature has made it plain such a policy is the one successful road for any organization to follow, and that it should not be a negative policy, but one carried out vigorously into action.

This means that when it comes to solving the climate crisis and managing the transition to a new renewable energy future there should be specialization of parts and division of labor and the full cooperation of each for the benefit of all. The stakes are high. Not solving the climate crisis would be a crime against future humanity.

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