Great people and great information set people free

Great political leaders and great information can liberate people from the bondage imposed by false teachings and misguided notions. And for human souls, craving freedom, every step on the evolutionary ladder is a step towards greater freedom.

Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt

When the name George Washington is mentioned some recall Valley Forge or the first US president. But the name George Washington has not been immortalized because its owner was a great soldier and a great statesman; it has been immortalized because of his successful struggle against great odds to free the people of the United States from bondage to any ruler.

When the name Abraham Lincoln is mentioned some recall the splitting of rails, the Civil War or his assassination.

In preserving the union Lincoln performed a great service, but Lincoln’s name has not been immortalized because of these things.

He was not the first to advocate and work for the enfranchisement of African Americans, but the one thing that ensures his immortality was his action in freeing them from bondage.

History will record that Franklin Delano Roosevelt broke many a precedent.

He was the first US president to be elected for more than two terms, was a deciding factor in winning World War 2 and established a foundation to combat infantile paralysis.  

He was not the first to advocate what are now referred to as the Four Freedoms, but he did get this idea before the people of the world.

He raised hope in the downtrodden and underprivileged that in time they or their children might enjoy these freedoms.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been immortalized by his valiant struggle to free people from bondage.

His name will never be forgotten because he stimulated the thought processes and set the machinery in motion that ultimately will bring freedom from bondage to want, freedom from bondage to fear of armed aggression, freedom from bondage to censorship, and freedom from bondage to religious intolerance to all the people of the world.

Great information can set people free

Liberation information explains the facts as they really are and facts can set you free.

Orthodox religious beliefs determined by religious authorities keep people in bondage. And being forced to believe what a religious authority claims is mental slavery – you’re being denied the right to think for yourself.

Commandments keep people in bondage and when your life on Earth comes to an end you’re dispatched off to a static heaven or hell where there’s no freedom and no progress.

Some religions have insidious teachings that keep their congregations in bondage and teachings like human reincarnation keep people in bondage by limiting their character and ability development to physical life.

Atheistic materialism keeps people in bondage.

There is nothing liberating about a universe that is dead, a life that is meaningless and a future of nothingness.

On the other hand the Brotherhood of Light provides liberation information that can set you free from all the false beliefs and erroneous ideas. Its teachings  can free you from the bondage of just knowing.

They provide the facts of astrology, the facts of extrasensory perception, the facts of directed thinking and the facts of induced emotion.

The Brotherhood insists that you do your own thinking and check these facts for yourself because if you blindly believe what an expert claims you’re not doing your own thinking.

The fifth freedom

And there is a fifth freedom.

Do you think that nature, after building a character with outstanding abilities and courage and determination, will extinguish it at death as the atheists believe or have it reside in a static heaven or hell for all eternity as orthodoxy claims?

Do you think that Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt are content to stagnate?

On Earth these great souls were never content to be idle. They sought and found something worth doing and vigorously strove to do it.

Do you think they are no longer interested in freeing people from bondage?

Do you think that the indomitable courage which enabled Roosevelt to defeat infantile paralysis, and which in the darkest days of the depression optimistically proclaimed to the nation that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself will permit him to remain passive and idle?

The Brotherhood of Light is sure it won’t.

It doesn’t believe that Nature wastes talent and initiative.

It believes that Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt continue to live and do in the high-velocity astral and spiritual realms.

Physical life in human form is necessary to develop self-consciousness, but what is learned on Earth, and the character and abilities that are developed are not lost when the physical form dies.

At the death of the physical body the soul-consciousness transitions to a high-velocity realm which permits the character and all it has learned on Earth to express more fully and develop greater ability.

Death is the attainment of more freedom – the fifth freedom – the freedom from physical limitation.

Author: DW Sutton

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