The answer is adequate knowledge

It would appear that ever since humanity formed into groups that different races have been pitched against each other in their political, economic and religious beliefs. And to settle these conflicts the contestants have employed violent weapons in order to kill, torture, imprison and enslave one another.

A lack of understanding identifies the real problem for without adequate understanding those individuals or nations endowed with physical power are inclined to get the idea that they are the chosen of God and they set out to destroy those who they see as the non-chosen – their rivals.

Such arrogance is always challenged by enlightened individuals in the parliament, boardroom, church, social club, classroom and home.

Idealistic panaceas to solve the world’s problems abound, but now the problems are getting very difficult. And the inability to understand that every problem is the result of individuals or nations behaving badly identifies the real problem.

Bad behavior is the result of a lack of understanding.

The solution is adequate knowledge

How can humanity develop a level of understanding that will bring the squabbling and killing to an end?

Freedom seems to be a keyword and some advocate a panacea that involves the four freedoms – freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

But it is easy to misunderstand what each freedom advocates.

How can people have freedom from want when they don’t know what they want?

How can they have freedom from fear when it’s the unknown that they fear?

How can people exercise freedom of expression when knowledge is so limited?

And how can they have freedom of religion when they don’t have easy access to the facts of religion?

In each instance the answer is adequate knowledge.

It is only through having adequate personal understanding that people can learn what they want.

The economic presumption that people only want possessions has not resulted in freedom from want.

In fact, due to a lack of understanding, rather than being liberated from their desire to acquire people become its slave.

The only way to rid yourself of your fears is to understand the unknown through study and research.

Adequate knowledge and information about vital world issues is needed to express a valid opinion. And to understand religion you must have easy access to the facts of religion.

Adequate knowledge on both a social and personal level is only acquired through study and research and every individual should have the freedom to study and learn whatever s/he desires to know – including the study of nature’s laws through astrology, orthodox science or religion.

But the dissemination of scientific and religious frauds must be guarded against.

Legal strangleholds should be applied to those who desire to fatten their own purses by willfully subsidizing scientific and religious fraud by pulling on the heart strings of those who are uneducated and intellectually naïve.

In the early years of the Aquarian Age freedom of religion is in great jeopardy.

Holy wars are being fought nationally and locally to determine who hold’s priority on God’s will.

The Religion of the Stars has a right and a duty to contribute as much as possible to the enlightenment of people regarding true religion.

It has access to the ongoing research work done by seers both ancient and modern and in so doing it can help prevent future wars and promote constructive effort, peace, health and happiness on Earth.

It can help each individual to find the will of God and the part of the work that s/he must do in contributing to God’s great plan of eternal progression.

Author: DW Sutton

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