Astrology with numbers

It’s the age of numbers.

You’re being measured.

Numbers measure your age, height, weight and waist, but you’re more than a physical set of measurements.  

You have a conscious mind and a not-conscious soul and Hermetic astrology invites you to measure the unseeable you.

Your chart’s astrodyne profile

Your birth chart is a mathematical structure and mathematics has become the central tool for measuring the energy potential in both your birth chart and progressed chart. 

The measuring unit is called an astrodyne and each planet, aspect, sign and house in your birth chart has an astrodyne score that measures its strength and functionality.

The numbers reveal that the astrodyne power of each planet, aspect, sign and house is set at a relative level and this permits an assessment of the strength of their character correlates. And their harmony or discord scores permits a grading of their functionality. 

Each aspect in your chart has a power score so those with a high astrodyne count have a stronger influence than those with a low score.

A sign with a high astrodyne score has more power and a stronger influence than a sign with a low astrodyne score. And a house with a high astrodyne score has a more power and a stronger influence than a house with a low astrodyne score.

Your birth chart’s astrodynes allow you to evaluate the strength and functionality of the individual components of your thought and feeling world.

The numbers assigned to each planet, aspect and sign allow you to quickly rate your behavior in terms of its influence (power), effectiveness (harmony) and ineffectiveness (discord).

This takes the guesswork out of your astrological assessments.

Your progressed chart

Your progressed chart is a timer that times when events mapped in your birth chart can occur. 

Your birth chart and its astrodyne data are the starting point of the event forecast and mathematics is the means by which more reliable conclusions can be drawn from the astro-data. 

With astrodynes you’re future-forecasting with numbers and the numbers improve the forecast analysis and enhance the reliability of the forecast.


Measurement standards, in any field of endeavor, need to be the best they can be and in astrology a huge amount of research went into confirming the technique to make the measurement.

The term astrodyne defines a fundamental unchanging constant that measures the strength of astral force.

The measurement is universal so it can be applied to all birth charts.

The definition of an astrodyne is future proof which means as technology evolves you can use it make better and better measurements into the future.  

The master measure of astral force – an astrodyne – is for all charts for all time.

Astrodynes and you

Astrodynes measure your character and you have the challenge of making sense of what the numbers mean.

You were born with your own level of ambition, fear, insecurity, aggression, anger, hope, joy, idealism and rebelliousness and each feeling is set at a specified volume or level.

Your birth chart’s astrodynes measure the unseeable you and give each component of your character a number score. They assign each planet, aspect, sign and house a quantitative and qualitative value.

So you need to develop some quantitative and qualitative skills; and the capacity to make an objective judgment of a character trait based on its birth chart marker’s strength and functionality.

The astrodynes measure your true potential and enhance your ability to make reliable judgments regarding your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

For a comprehensive explanation of astrodynes download our complementary eBook Astrodynes.

Author: DW Sutton

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