Hermetic astrology fact-check

Because fortune-tellers apply extrasensory perception to astrology charts to give detailed accounts of future events many people have come to expect astrology to foretell and time specific events. It’s a false – fatalistic – expectation.

The fact is there has never been a fatalistically precise system of astrology. And if one was ever found it would demonstrate that you have no power to alter your destiny, you are not morally responsible for your acts, and you have no power to alter unalterable predetermined events.

Your birth chart is calculated for your time, date and place of birth and by applying the science of astrology to your chart you can find and utilize your natural potential. 

The fact is your properly constructed birth chart is the only chart that can be progressed to time and define possible life events; and when you realize this you will be in a position to know the difference between scientific astrology, sun-sign astrology and fortune-telling.

Your birth chart does not map specific events and neither do progressed aspects. The fact is your birth chart maps predispositions and progressed aspects time when they’re inclined to occur.

Fact- check: Any astrological prediction is merely an astrologer’s estimate of what might happen. It is no more indicative of an inevitable happening than the estimate made by a doctor who diagnoses a disease or the estimate made by a meteorologist who forecasts a temperature range.

Astrological energies by themselves do not show specific events, but when you combine your knowledge of your psychological conditioning and your present environmental circumstances you can quite reliably predict the event a progressed aspect forecasts.

But, the fact is the application of astrological knowledge and advice often alters an event. Astrology can point out how some events can be changed and how you can best adapt yourself to those beyond your control.

The fact is that the event or condition you’re inclined to attract at a certain time, if intelligently anticipated, is subject to much personal control. And this realisation of what astrology really can do gives you a glimpse into astrology’s real usefulness.

You must not expect astrology to perform miracles. One of astrology’s most insistent foes, which can only be vanquished by proper education, is the conception that astrology, by itself, can bring about desired results.

You can use astrology to bring about desired results in the same sense that you can act on a weather forecast. You can’t change the weather, but if you know beforehand what the weather, or astrological condition, will be you can adapt your behavior to take greater advantage of the fine, sunny spell, or take precautionary measures against the cold, wind and rain.

The fact is astrology cannot make an unhappy marriage happy. But it can indicate the traits and attributes that conduce to marital problems and how they can be changed to ensure marital success. And astrology can’t turn a pauper into a millionaire. But it can pin point the habits and attitudes that promote poverty and how they can be changed to ensure financial success.

Astrology can indicate career difficulties and what can be done to prevent or modify them; and it can indicate disease predispositions which can be prevented with proper diet and other precautionary measures.

You need to know what astrology can and can’t do and it’s been estimated by observers that if you apply astro-knowledge you can avoid illness and other misfortunes and substantially enhance your success and happiness; and if you desire your spirituality.

But the fact is avoiding mishap and getting the best out of yourself requires more than a superficial understanding of what astrology can do. You need to know the facts of the matter.

Author: DW Sutton

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