Hermetic astrology is state of the art

The popular astrology that champions zodiac signs and fortune-telling is considered a pseudoscience. It’s an unorganized collection of unsubstantiated astrological beliefs; the wayward child of a once revered scientific endeavor that skilled practitioners used to ‘eavesdrop on cosmic secrets’.

Hermetic astrology is a standalone science which champions astro-data that’s been acquired through observation, meticulous research and the statistical analysis of birth charts. It’s a set of principles and procedures that are organized into a coherent set of teachings and rules.

Elbert Benjamine got the job. He was convinced that the secrets of astrology would yield to rigorous scientific investigation and there was so much to learn.

From 1915 to 1946 he asked a lot of questions and discovered what we didn’t know about astrology and the soul. He took ancient Hermetic beliefs and transformed them into Aquarian Age knowledge. He discerned nature’s most abstruse truths and wrote the new testament of astrology: The science of the soul and stars.

Your soul is who you are. It’s a thought built astral entity that exists on an astral plane. It acquires intelligence and ability through experience and is attached to your physical body by the psychokinetic power if its thoughts.

Its thought-structure defines your character and your life story is just your character doing its thing. Hermetic astrology’s teachings about your soul are the result of deep-dive investigative exploration of the astral soul-world and are the most comprehensive information of their type ever compiled.  

You – the observer and objective thinker – are the most recent addition to your soul’s continually expanding consciousness. Human life bestows the priceless gift of self-consciousness.

Your stars are the planets and zodiac signs depicted in your birth chart. It’s a technology that’s calculated for your time, date and place of birth and the planet and sign data that defines its structure is based on the most up-to-date planetary data from organizations like the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Your birth chart is a map of your soul’s thought structure. The planets by their sign and house locations and angular relationships reveal how your charcater has been formatted by experience. It depicts your character as a bundle of desire-urges and their associated attitude-motivations expressing in an environmental setting.

Your character was formed and developed in prehuman-impersonal lives and during your formative years the dynamic desires-urges that get you going acquired a special mode of expression through human life experience. And Hermetic astrology places great importance in understanding your conditioning by environment.  

You’re here to develop intelligence and ability through experience and your life story is a series of events that are mapped in your birth chart. Your chart is not static – it moves and progresses – and major progressions time major events, minor progressions time minor events and transit progressions time inconsequential events.

Measurement is an integral part of modern science and Hermetic astrology provides a set of calculations that measure the strength and functional status of each planet, aspect, sign and house in your birth chart; and a set of calculations that measure the strength and functional status of major, minor and transit progressions.

The astrodyne, harmodyne and discordyne measurements are the most recent advancement in astrological science and make Hermetic astrology second to none. It has no rival.

State of the art

State of the art describes a device, technique, or scientific field that has achieved the highest level of development at the present time. It means that the level of knowledge and development is of a superior quality and the best available.

Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life and you can apply the knowledge provided by Hermetic astrology – the science of the soul and stars – to the assessment of your birth chart to learn about your soul and special role in universal life.

Through experience your soul acquired dynamic desire-urges and the planets in your birth chart are markers that reveal their strength and functional status: And Hermetic astrology’s psychological data pertaining to these dynamic drivers is the most sound and up-to-date.

The zodiac signs are markers for attitude-motivations that express behavior traits, inclinations, likes and dislikes and their data classification is the result of observational research into thousands of individuals and their birth charts.

Your birth chart provides you with a wealth of self-information that cannot obtain from any other source. It’s up-close, exclusive and very personal.

It’s an identity reference that will tell you who you are and your reason for being. Your soul was created to fulfill a special role in God’s Great Evolutionary plan. You have a cosmic destiny.

Your birth chart links personal traits, qualities and events with their astro-markers; and Hermetic astrology allows you to review your character development to see how you got to be the way you are and to monitor your future development.

Your progressed chart times your life story and reveals when events and conditions mapped in your birth chart are inclined to occur; and Hermetic astrology’s science of progressions is based on investigative research into thousands of birth charts.

Researched based astro-data invites you to take control of your life, health and happiness and to proactively participate in your mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Hermetic astrology explains that your life is influenced equally by your inner – thought and feeling – world and your outer world of life-matters, activities, people and places; and that your birth chart indicates how your character influences and is influence by your environment.

Hermetic astrology is a powerhouse of astrological information

Hermetic astrology explains that your soul is a two-way receiver-transmitter of astrological energies; and it explains the role these energies play in your life experience and consciousness development. 

As a self-science it explains how nature’s laws operate on a personal level – via your birth chart – for the purpose of better adaptation, social usefulness, self-development and spiritual progress.

Hermetic astrology provides information that you can use. As the mysterious thinker whose existence can’t be explained or denied you have a not-conscious soul-mind that’s in charge of the show, an objective mind that keeps you informed about what’s going on and a capacity to make reasoned decisions.

Your character has faults and defects. As misguided learning they antagonize your wellbeing and have you courting harm and misfortune. 

Hermetic astrology explains that you are not destined to live with birth chart discords. It explains that you can apply mental antidotes and other corrective measures to mend misguided thoughts and feelings and destructive character traits; and it explains what to do.

Elbert Benjamine’s Hermetic astrology has it all: Evidence-based astro-data; a clear and comprehensive explanation of your past, present and future; a chart assessment procedure that can be applied to your birth chart to learn about your soul-self, innate potential and life story; progressed chart data that allows you to prepare for and navigate your future; and data measurement. And that’s why it’s state of the art.

Author: DW Sutton

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