Hermetic astrology and your birth chart

In 1940, fifty years before the Hubble telescope was launched into low-earth orbit enabling stargazers to observe black holes, galaxies merging, comets colliding and the moons of Pluto, Claude Rains as Sir Talbot in The Wolf Man commented: ‘All astronomers are amateurs. When it comes to the heavens there’s only one professional.’

Science is the evidence provided by observation. It’s a method that seeks to understand, control and predict: and Hermetic astrology is a spectacular body of evidence-based scientific data that comprises everything to do with astrology and the way it works. It’s the science of the soul and stars.

Its special area of investigative study is the soul, the inner-world astrological environment, the birth chart and the universal laws that directly influence a soul’s intelligence and ability development. These laws were designed by God – the greatest scientist of all.

Souls on developmental journeys make the world tick.

The universe is a masterpiece of scientific engineering and God – the greatest astronomer-engineer – designed and built it.

The emergence of our solar system was factored into the original blueprint and its intelligence expresses the astrology code. As a crucial component of God’s great evolutionary plan nature’s code of codes allows God to actively participate in the gradual development of soul intelligence and ability.

So the universe, solar system and astrology code are engineering and technological feats that demonstrate God’s intelligence and ability. And Hermetic astrology enters the realm of God-intelligence and seeks to explain how the natural world and nature’s laws work.

Hermetic astrology theorizes a correspondence between the planets and zodiac signs and the development of soul intelligence and provides a grand explanation of life that involves souls on developmental journeys, electromagnetic energy, psychokinesis, learning by experience, pleasure and pain, memory, and the evolution of intelligence and ability.

Hermetic astrology

Hermetic astrology is more interested in what happens here on Earth rather than with what transpires in the heavens. It’s chiefly concerned with your character development and the science, which you can confidently use, is based on demonstrated facts – not blind belief or theory.

It is the only provider of astrological data that has been rigorously tested using modern scientific methods.

Hermetic astrology explains your soul’s astrological origins and evolutionary past using a map that documents the whole story. This map – your birth chart – is your go-to reference for everything you want to know about yourself.

It has a correspondence with your character, answers big question, provides you with an astrological ID and connects you to the universe.  

Your complex mental world and life is easily understood when you apply Hermetic astrology to your birth chart.

Hermetic astrology employs measurement to clarify the meaning and influence of chart data. The astrodynes are a technology that measure the strength and functional status of each planet, zodiac sign, aspect and house in your birth chart.

Discordant data represents character faults that need fixing.

Your birth chart

Your birth chart is a map of your character which was formed and developed by experience on your evolutionary journey and you’re encouraged to study its individual components and then integrate each part into the dynamic intelligence system that is your soul. This reductionist approach reduces the complex to simple individual parts.

Your birth chart defines your existence as a project to develop a special type of intelligence and ability through a unique life experience and Hermetic astrology is dedicated to providing you with the best understanding of your chart.

Hermetic astrology emphasizes the powerful role played by your family and culture in civilizing and shaping your nature during your formative years and by having first person access to your life story it reckons that you’re the only person who can turn the astro-data in your birth chart into personal truth.

Your birth chart provides you with a set of rules or operating instructions for living your life and when you know all the rules you’ll be able to take control and manage your intelligence and ability development.

Hermetic astrology and your birth chart

Hermetic astrology and your birth chart invite you to know yourself. They provide you with guidelines for managing and living the life that best suits your character. They help you to understand how you construct and construe reality and to recognize that you’re responsible for the life you live.

So you can’t leave an important decision to another person who might be able to assess your birth chart superficially or a machine running an automated chatbot program.

Hermetic astrology is primarily a self-science. It’s here to help you discover your special type of intelligence and ability and the life experience that will best sustain your progress. Its astrological knowledge supports the highest level of self-understanding and personal development.

Hermetic astrology opens the window on the unseen and unknown world of soul consciousness and intelligence and it’s inviting you to discover the thought and feeling world that operates below your conscious awareness using a map that reveals how your mind works. It explores the mind qualities that produce experiences of a similar quality.

Your intelligence and ability develops in response to nature’s laws as they operate in your life and your future is a not-conscious desire that’s been set in motion, not a definite event.

Hermetic astrology celebrates you, gives you back your soul and offers you a revolutionary new way of thinking about yourself and the life you live.

It’s a dazzling ray of spiritual hope in an otherwise sullied and polluted self-information environment that degrades your life by reducing your existence to a meaningless genetic experience and just like any science Hermetic astrology should be judged by the quality of its knowledge and the accuracy of its predictions.

Author: DW Sutton

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